The t.a.t.t. label by Lindsey Johnson

Wine and tattoos probably have more in common than most people think. Let’s start with artistry. Sure, it’s easy to figure out that tattoos are an art form. After all a person who applies tattoos is called a “tattoo artist”. Although it’s not spelled out so clearly for the winemaker, how can one refute that winemaking is a craft? Sure, wine starts in the vineyard. And yes, science plays a role in winemaking. However, a winemaker can develop a style that shines through in the end product. Isn’t that a form of artistry?

For proof positive that wine and tattoos have plenty in common, let’s take a look at Walla Walla winery Trust Cellars.  Steve Brooks, proprietor and winemaker of Trust Cellars called on Lindsey Johsnson, a tattoo artist from Beyond the Ink, to design a label for one of his wines. We’ve seen labels designed by artists for wineries such as Woodward Canyon for years. This is different in more ways than one, though. While Woodward Canyon’s Artist Series is one of the winery’s upper tiers of wine, Trust Cellars had the label designed for its value offering. The wine is called Tried and True, also known as t.a.t.t. Get it? It’s a spicy badass wine with a badass label. This big red blend is composed of 44% Syrah, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 25% Grenache.

If you want to taste this wine and see the label for yourself, Steve will be pouring the wine Saturday, March 12 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Ballard location of Dish it up! Wait for it….Lindsey will also be there showing off examples of his work. It’s not often you see a winemaker and a tattoo artist featured at the same event, signing their shared work of art.  Don’t miss out!

Event Details

In addition to t.a.t.t., several other Trust Cellars wines will be poured during the event including the elegant 2009 Riesling which is on Seattle Met’s 100 Best Washington Wines ranking by Sean Sullivan, the 2007 Columbia Valley Syrah, and the 2008 Walla Walla Syrah. Each wine will be available for purchase at 10% off during the event.

Time: This FREE event runs as part of the Ballard Art Walk from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. You can make a night of it!

Location:  The Ballard Dish it up! is at 5320 Ballard Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA  98107.

Phone:  (206) 971-0400.


Full disclosure:  I work at Dish it up! I’m posting the event because I believe this wine is worth spreading the word about.