Ugh! We HATE hackers. Although we take a number of preventions to protect our site, there are some really smart hackers out there and after 8 years, we fell prey to the nasty Zeus virus.

To protect you from infection, I  had to redirect our domain to no-man’s land & maintenance mode. while we came up with a plan. We thought it was all taken care of when we got hacked a second time 3 days ago. It took longer than expected to further investigate the infection and research financially realistic options for furthering securing our site. I apologize for that delay and for any emails that may have been lost. Some of our content, particularly images, were lost.  We will be replacing that back content, if available, as we search our archives

We have purchased an additional firewall and daily monitoring. Hopefully, we have the problem well under control now with an aggressive new security policy in place. After years of working as a tech consult and rescuing people with viruses from poor passwords, software never being updated, installing software that hasn’t been vetted or visiting sketchy websites. It is quite humbling, and expensive, to finally have been infected, even using good security practices.

Please accept our apologies. We hope to win back your trust and readership by signing up with this additional security and by providing you with interesting content about Washington Beer, Cider, Spirits & Wine.