Hey Wine Blogger, how would you like to win a trip to Washington wine country?

The 3rd North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference is taking place in Walla Walla, Washington June 25-27th.  BUT, two and half days can only give you a mere taste of what Washington wineries offer. The WBC or Bust Road Trip to Walla Walla gives you the opportunity to learn twice as much about Washington Wines!

What is the WBC-or-Bust Road to Walla Walla?

WBC or Bust Road to Walla Walla is a FREE opportunity for 12 citizen bloggers to hit the road in Seattle on June 23. Those lucky 12 travel across Washington wine country sampling and learning about the amazing diversity and quality of Washington wines.  Experience the beauty of Washington state as you travel and taste your way across the state on your all expenses paid road trip.

Day One: Seattle and Woodinville Wine Country

Day Two:  Red Mountain and Yakima

Day Three: Walla Walla and the start of the North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference

What does the WBC-or-Bust Road to Walla Walla include?

This all expenses paid road trip includes:

  • a comfortable limo bus ride across beautiful Washington state
  • complimentary tastings at some of the best wineries in Washington
  • splendid lodging
  • exquisite meals, representing the unique Northwest cuisine and paired with Washington wines
  • delivery to the door of the North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Walla Walla
  • Transportation back from Walla Walla to Seattle at the conclusion of the bloggers’ conference

How do I win a spot in the WBC-or-Bust Road to Walla Walla?

  • You need to be a wine blogger, OUTSIDE the state of Washington. This opportunity is designed to introduce wine bloggers to Washington state.
  • You need to sign up for an account at WineCHATr.com. WineCHATr.com is a place to connect over wine. It is a social network to help wineries and wine bloggers connect. Membership is free for bloggers.
  • WBC or Bust Badge

    Once you have signed up for your WineCHATr account, go to My Page > My Account > WBC or Bust Badges.  Select a badge and display it on your blog. This is important as it allows us to track your entries to the contest.

  • Start drinking Washington wine and blogging about it!  Each blog post needs to be a minimum of 150 words. You can blog about the Washington wine industry including:
    • Washington wines
    • Washington wineries
    • Washington vineyards
    • Washington wine growing regions
    • Washington wine news

Winners be selected by the following criteria:

  • The two bloggers with the greatest number of Washington wine related blog entries
  • The two bloggers with the best posts on Washington wineries
  • The two bloggers with the best tasting notes for a Washington wine or winery
  • The one blogger with the best Washington growing region post
  • The one blogger with the best Washington vineyard post
  • Four bloggers will be randomly selected from the participating blogs

The deadline for entries is April 30, 2010