Last Thursday, Seattle Uncorked sponsored Debuts and Discoveries a fund raiser for the Seattle Aquarium that features some of the newest Washington wineries.  Although we missed this event due to the Wine Bloggers Conference, we wanted to make sure that you heard about the new wineries that received praise from judges and the people. Where most wine contests are about a particular wine, this evening focused on the wineries vs a single wine. Tasting samples from the wineries, judges evaluated wineries on the wines poured that evening. I am delighted to see some of my favorite new wineries as well as lesser known wines being recognized. Kudos to Bartholomew winery who just had their very first release this month! They received recognition from judges and the public, as well as Kerloo Cellars. I have some new wineries to investigate.

Judges rankings:

First place:

Second place:

Third place:

People’s Choice awards:

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