Today the Washington Wine Commission announced Steve Warner will be the new executive director, effective March 12, 2012. Steve Warner is a local boy, originally from West Seattle, that has made a name for himself in the international business scene. Steve is back in Washington state after holding positions in global and regional marketing in Europe and the Asian Pacific region. His experience and connections will help propel Washington wines deeper into national and international markets.

Steve WarnerSteve Warner was selected as the Washington Wine Commission’s Executive Director after an exhaustive international search. Kent Waliser, Chairman of the Washington State Wine Commission, said:

“We’re proud of the collaborative process that we’ve undertaken with our industry partners – the Washington Wine Institute and the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers – to fill this critically important role,” he added. “Our industry stands united and ready to greet Steve with open arms.”

Robin Pollard, the former Washington Wine Commission Executive Director, stated last October her intentions to leave the commission at the end of 2011. Immediately an international search was launched for a leader to help the burgeoning Washington wine industry to its next stage. Expanding the market for Washington wines, both nationally and abroad has been a major focus for the Washington Wine Commission.

Washington Wine Commission logoThe Washington Wine Commission is a state agency, charged with representing all licensed and bonded wineries and all wine grape growers in the state of Washington. Although marketing is a key aspect of the commission’s function, it also works in supporting education and resources to foster the wine industry.