Experience the vineyards while meeting the growers and winemakers.

A glass of wine might look like nothing more than fermented fruit. Now take a look at the color of that wine. Is it light and bright or dark and intense? Stick your nose in that glass and engage your senses in aromatic delight – or disappointment as the case may be. Take a sip, and as the wine dances along the tongue discover different flavors revealing themselves. How are these factors influenced by the climate of the area in which the vines are planted, the soil in which the vines are rooted, and the care the canopy receives? Join Wine Yakima Valley for a fun vineyard tour exploring how wine may acquire and express a sense of place.

With Dick Boushey during a vineyard tour

A tour of Boushey Vineyards back in 2012 had us following well-respected grower Dick Boushey through various blocks, discussing microclimates and grape varieties, and examining how the grower/winemaker partnership works. A delectable paella lunch served overlooking the vineyards was a highlight, and included a comparison of wines from the vineyard crafted by diverse winemakers. A different vineyard and grower is featured each year, creating a novel experience even for those who have taken part in prior years.

Kathy Shiels leading a tour to DuBrul Vineyard

Wine Yakima Valley’s annual vineyard tour takes place this Saturday. Highly acclaimed DuBrul Vineyard as well as Roskamp Vineyards will be featured. The tour will be led by grower Hugh Shiels and Côte Bonneville Winemaker Kerry Shiels as well as wine grape grower Mike Roskamp of Roskamp Vineyards and winemaker Co Dinn of Co Dinn Cellars. It’s a great opportunity to learn about wine from the growers’ and winemakers’ perspectives.

While touring Yakima Valley vineyards in July, dress for warm weather. Leave the heels and fashionable sandals at home! Closed toed shoes are best while walking the vineyards. Only a few tickets are left, so don’t delay. Take part in a vineyard tour, and that next glass of wine will be much more than a glass of fermented fruit.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Each $85 ticket includes wine, food, transportation, and a grower education tour. The day long tour departs beginning at 9:00 am. Purchase tickets and find more information on the Wine Yakima Valley site.