And the winner of our Winery Tasting room poll is… Walter Dacon Winery

    Tasting Room Poll

    Tasting Room Poll Results

  1. Walter Dacon Winery
  2. Kiona Vineyards and Winery
  3. Hard Row to Hoe tied with Icicle Ridge Winery
  4. Alexandria Nicole Cellars
  5. Benson Vineyards

Here are some of the comments that our readers shared about Walter Dacon Winery tasting room:

Of course the wine is fabulous, the thing is, it feels like home!  Ann & Lloyd have created a beautiful setting, from “Experience the Rhone” to the unique circulation desk tasting bar from the Fremont Library.  And Holly is just terrific with her smile and expert wine knowledge.  I love it!

Great atmosphere and fun staff.  The wine is excellent but you have time to sit, enjoy the surroundings and taste wine instead of feeling rushed.  The prices are great too!

This is one of the friendliest and most comfortable small wineries I have visited.  The wines are always excellent and the staff is knowledgeable and accepting of all

The staff at Walter Dacon is very friendly and knowledgeable.  The wine is superb and they make the experience delicious and fun.  They offer hors’doeuvres and wine

I love the staff at this winery – they’re very knowledgeable and informative. The wines are spectacular and the setting is wonderful.  The  special events held here are always unique and fun. I haven’t made it to one of their “dinners” yet, but it’s a goal for my year.


The Williams family has grown Kiona into a world -class vineyard. The tasting room is beautiful and the staff is exceptionally knowledgable/friendly/accommodating. The building is an architectural gem.

Hard Row to Hoe

Very friendly, very knowledgable staff, and the tasting room has a great, eclectic atmosphere.  Every type of person is made to feel comfortable.

Icicle Ridge Winery

They welcome you into their home as honored friends, offer seating with a view, and the family works along side the tasting room staff to make sure all of your questions are answered

Alexandria Nicole Cellars

Cozy furniture, tables and sofas, friendly knowledgable staff, good food, wide variety of wines, classy all the way.  One of my favorite features I’ve never seen anywhere else is the bookcase with current novels and magazines.  I’ve “checked out” several books and dropped them back off when I was done reading.   This doesn’t even get into the behind the door room for club members, but that’s another special feature.

Benson Vineyards

Great wine, great staff, beautiful new building, great views….. just awesome

What is the most important aspect in a winery tasting room?

Two hundred and twenty people responded to our readers poll and 72% of them said that knowledgeable and friendly staff were the most important aspect of the tasting room experience.  Almost all of the comments about Walter Dacon referred to the staff at the winery, as did the comments about other high ranking wineries. If wineries want to make an investment into their tasting room, start with investing in the tasting room staff.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff 1.4
Unique tasting experience 2.9
Detailed tasting notes 3.6
Drinking water 5.0
Crackers to cleanse the palate 5.8
Winery only specials 5.9
Seating 6.1
Easy to reach dump buckets 7.3
Accessible for the differently abled 8.1
Kid friendly 9.8
Dog friendly 10.1