Taste Washington Wine month begins Thursday, March 1, 2018 with a full month of restaurants, retailers, hotels and wineries honoring the award-winning wine of Washington state with special promotions, savings and events.

Taste Washington Wine Month with over 900 reasons to celebrate.

Over 900 Washington wineries to celebrate

Washington State boasts over 900 wineries, producing more wine than other state except California. Washington doesn’t just produce a lot of wine but makes a lot of premium, award winning wine. In honor of that wine excellence, March has been named as the month to celebrate Washington wine, in partnership with Taste Washington and to expand on that titular experience. Taste Washington may be the spotlight but it is far from the only event.

“Washington State Wine is committed to supporting our local wine industry through promotions like Taste Washington Wine Month,” said Steve Warner, President of Washington State Wine. “It’s a great way for folks to discover new Washington wines and support local businesses.”

Washington Wine Month Calendar

Washington Wine Month Calendar

A profusion of special opportunities are planned in March to help you experience Washington wine. In fact there are so many things planned, that it can be hard to keep up with it all! Luckily, you have two fantastic tools to help you find wonderful deals and occasions to meet your wine desires.

  • Taste Washington Wine Month Calendar is the gathering place to find out most of the special activities and sales this month.
  • #WAWineMonth is the hashtag to search for Taste Washington Wine Month specials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You are encouraged to use the hashtag on your own posts to spread the love and let others know about great deals.

Note to the Washington wine industry, retailers and hospitality

Want to join in the celebration and offer something special to your customers? Post your deal to the Taste Washington Wine Month calendar.  At the web site, you can also download materials to help promote your Washington Wine opportunity. Remember to use the #WAWineMonth hashtag in the social media to help consumers find it.

Wine Beer Washington celebrates Taste Washington Wine Month

In honor of the Washington wine industry and the great wine made here, the Wine Beer Washington blog is going to publish a post about Washington wine each day of this month. We are planning a diverse array of posts to help you enjoy Washington wine even more. Expect topics to include, but not restricted to:

  • what makes Washington wine distinctive
  • different wine growing regions (AVAs)
  • Taste Washington Wine month events
  • favorite wine experiences
  • food pairing tips

Paper and pencilWe have always wanted this blog to give a diverse voice to the Washington beverage industry. In celebration of Taste Washington Wine Month, we invite you to share your favorite Washington wine experiences with us and our audience. In addition to posting to the WBW Facebook page, we encourage you to write a guest post for us to publish here on the blog. Contact us for more information about publishing your favorite story.


Washington Wine Month(s)

Washington wine is so special, it is worth celebrating TWO months each year.

  • March is Taste Washington Wine Month
  • August is Washington Wine Month

Although August was traditionally the Washington Wine month, March also started to celebrate Washington wine because so many great opportunities to enjoy Washington wine coincide with the annual Taste Washington. To prevent confusion, last year March was named Taste Washington Wine Month while August is Washington Wine month.