Taste Washington evolves again for 2012. Although various Taste Washington activities have spread over the weekend, this year the Grand Tasting will be spread over the weekend as well – March 31- April 1, 2012

Changes for 2012 Taste Washington begin from the ground up. This year, Taste Washington is “brought to you by the Seattle Convention and Speaker’s Bureau in partnership with the Washington Wine Commission.” I am a firm believer in playing to your strengths, so I can see the logic in handing over the event logistics to the Convention bureau. It makes sense for an event that is consumer driven but as a wine geek, I miss the educational and networking opportunities that were sacrificed to create a two day tasting event.

Two Day Tasting

General admission tasting is from 2-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. VIP tasting tickets include an extra hour with smaller crowds. I STRONGLY recommend that you purchase VIP tickets, if still available. The extra time and space is most appreciated!

Washington wine

Spend an afternoon wine tasting, selecting from 200 Washington wineries. Washington wineries large and small will be pouring samples of their wines.  Come explore the delicious diversity of Washington wine! Taste Washington is a great opportunity to learn about Washington vineyards and wineries. Taste wines from different wine makers but from the same vineyard to explore the characteristics of terroir and wine maker styles.

The Food

Pair your wine choices with bites from over 40 different restaurants. From savory to sweet, delight your palate with tasty tidbits like:

Are you hungry yet?

Single Day Tickets

VIP – $125 1-5pm Saturday OR Sunday

General -$75 2-5pm Saturday OR Sunday

Weekend Tickets

VIP – $150 1-5pm Saturday AND Sunday

General -$99 2-5pm Saturday AND Sunday

Buy tickets online

Washington Wine Seminars

Whichever day you choose to attend Taste Washington, accentuate your experience with a seminar before the tasting. This year instead of a seminar day before the tasting, one seminar session is available each morning before the Tasting. Each day  you can choose to attend a seminar on food and wine pairing, a legendary Washington vineyard or a seminar focusing on a specific aspect of Washington wine quality. Seminar prices range from $45-$60. In prior years, the Washington wine seminars have been my favorite part of Taste Washington. I have my ticket to Celebrated Vintages: Highlights from a Quarter-Century of Washington State Wines, what do you want to learn more about? Get more information and your seminar tickets online.