The solstice not only heralds summer but it also brings us some of our favorite Washington beers: Old Sol and Wisdom Seeker.

Old Sol

Big Time Brewery Old Sol Wheat Wine

Every year, Big Time Brewery release their eagerly anticipated Old Sol wheat wine on the summer solstice.  Old Sol is crafted in the style of  a barley wine but with wheat. Think of it as your summer version of barley wine. Like most wines, including barley wines, the Old Sol varies by vintage and can be successfully aged.  On June 21st, the Old Sol will be on tap at the Big Time Brewery. You can also purchase 22 oz bottles of Old Sol to take home with you.

Double IPA

Double IPA Smackdown: Brother vs Wisdom Seeker

The Wisdom Seeker may appear more often than just once a year but it never seems to be enough! Black Raven Brewing releases the Wisdom Seeker, their double IPA two to three times a year and it always goes fast. I got a sneak peak of the Wisdom Seeker at the Washington Brewers’ Festival last Friday night. This version of the Wisdom Seeker shows the exquisite balance that Black Raven is known for. Highly aromatic, this double IPA has a love affair with hops, but like all healthy love affairs, the hops don’t take over. Get this beer before it is gone because it won’t last long. UPDATE: Beaux just posted that the Wisdom Seeker is going FAST at 6/22 10:12pm