Seattle Food and Wine (and BEER and CIDER) Experience

Sometimes you have to read between the lines to find what you are looking for. Are you a wine lover looking for a fun event that you and your beer buddies can all enjoy? The Seattle Food and Wine Experience on February 28 is really a BEVERAGE and food experience providing opportunities to sample beer, cider and wine from locations near and far. Beverage isn’t a very descriptive or sexy word like wine is so… the official title is Seattle Food and Wine Experience.

The Seattle Food and Wine Experience

The Seattle Food and Wine Experience

But when you take a look at the impressive  Who’s pouring list you can check out who will be pouring the beer and ciders.
Ayinger Beer
Blue Mountain Cider Company
Bridgeport Ales
Crispin Cider
Deschutes Brewery
Lindemans Beer
Ninkasi Brewing
Pike Brewing Company
Pilsner Urquell
Rogue Ales
Samuel Adams Beer
Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery
Strongbow Cider
Trumer Pils
Whistler Brewing
Woodchuck Draft Cider
Wyder’s Cider

Barrel tasting

The Seattle Food and Wine Experience takes place on February 28, from 1-5pm at the Seattle Center Exposition Hall.  Tickets are reasonably priced  at only $49 for advance tickets, $59 at the door. Best of all, portions of your ticket revenue will go towards Beechers Flagship Foundation, in support of the Pure Food Kids Workshop. The Pure Food Kids Workshop goal is in educating fourth through sixth grade students about the prevalence of food additives and their possible health risks.

The Seattle Food and Wine Experience truly is an experience, not just an event. You can barrel sample new wines, cleanse your palate with a nicely hopped brew, try pairing a some of the wines with Beechers cheeses, sample a Roquefort Parfait from Artisanal Brasserie & The Artisanal Table or compare a Washington McCrea Cellars Syrah with other Syrahs from around the world.  Head out to the adjacent courtyard for a chance to win prizes from Maximus/Minimus, Evergreen Escapes and Butler Valet and Transportation. Learn cooking techniques and techniques from top chefs at the Taste of  Tulalip Culinary Exchange stage.  Listen to the music at the Starbucks Coffee and Music lounge or explore the exhibitors. There is a lot to see, taste and hear at this experience.

To stay up to date with all that will be happening at the Seattle Food and Wine Experience, you can fan them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. During and after the event, you can share and compare your experiences on Twitter using the#SFWE hashtag. Here is our team of dedicated tweeters for the Seattle Food and Wine Experience, follow along!

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*Pictures provided by the Seattle Food and Wine Experience

16 Responses to “Seattle Food and Wine (and BEER and CIDER) Experience”

  1. winebeerWA says:

    More #FF for #SFWE next week… @tastebud1 @seattlefoodgeek @chatrbox @ChrisNishiwaki @seattlefoodwine

  2. winebeerWA says:

    Seattle Food and Wine (and BEER and CIDER) Experience | Washington State Beer and Wine… #SFWE

  3. @nectarwine says:

    Great piece. I love how you incorporated the twitter handles to follow and the hashtag. While this is not an event I can participate in person, at least I can follow it virtually.

    Enjoy and Cheers!

    Josh @nectarwine on twitter

    • Bean says:

      Thanks Josh! There is so much stuff happening out here this weekend, it is worth the trip if you can get away!
      I am glad that you found the twitter handle table handy. I did the same thing on the Taste Washington Preview post and Seattle Food and Wine Experience liked it so much that I added it here.

  4. doug hindman says:

    really, only one WA brewery at the show! organizers, please reach out to the WA beer commission and the WA brewing community for added representation at future events.

    • Bean says:

      I agree. I would love to have seen more Washington Breweries represented at this event. We have so many quality brewers here in Seattle that I would love to have seen more of them at this event. I will be mentioning this to the organizers.

  5. Eric says:

    I was pretty disappointed with this event overall. None of the food vendors had ANY food! After having purchased a ticket, I felt pretty ripped off.

    • Bean says:

      What time did you get to the event? I was on the media team covering primarily beverages so I didn’t have my pulse on the food as much. I did notice that most of the food was gone at 4pm, except Ruth Chris Steak house. When I was doing my photos between 12-1pm there was tables of food in all of the aisles. I am not sure when restaurants and caterers started running out of food.
      I encourage you to contact the event organizers, I know that they are wanting to make sure that this event is a success for all.

      • Eric says:

        I showed up ~3. I sent an email, have yet to hear any response. Do you have contact info for the event organizers?

  6. RedBlend says:

    Funny because I mentioned the same thing about the beer. I love a “cleansing ale” after a long day of stuffing the stomach with food and wine. Their response was that they are beginning to grasp the importance of beer and that they only allowed 1 brewery last year, expanded this year, and definately will be looking to add some more in the future. Who knows…maybe we are in for a Seattle Food, Wine, Beer, and Food Experience. Food was great but I know a couple of restaurants ran out early but still an amazing time. Next year, a few more portions and a cold one from Washington’s best would be the cherry on top! Hats off to the event and especially Ruth Chris. Nothing like a nice Lamb Chop to get the day kickin. How tired must Kathey Casey’s hand been? Geez…she was signing all day!

  7. Jamie Peha says:

    I’m glad so many people enjoyed the event and also happy that there are responses and feedback. Definitely will address the challenges brought up here for next year. We had more than 20,000 bites of food available at the event this year having asked each restaurant to prepare 1000 portions. Plus the dessert folks had 2000 each! The food went super fast…I agree. If you do the math its about 16 food tastes per person. There must be a way to ensure that food lasts without having to ask the restaurants to prepare a ton more food. Could have more restaurants there for sure. The planning aspect was there and we did think about it all prior. Will put more thought into it next time but am certainly open to suggestions of how to make it work better. Thanks, Jamie (event organizer)

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