Its that time of year to nominate your favorite wine blogs for the Wine Blog Awards, 2010 vintage. The awards will be announced at the North American Wine Bloggers Conference this June.

Wine Blog AwardsBetween April 1-7, 2010, nominations are being accepted from the public in the following wine blog categories:

Simply click on one of the links above and add your favorite wine blog(s) to the comment section. On April 8th, the judging panel will start their review and the winners will be announced at the Wine Bloggers Conference. This is the first year that the Wine Bloggers Conference has taken over the awards and they are now open to all English speaking blogs. Tom Wark, of Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog, originated the Wine Blog Awards in 2007 and turned it over to the Wine Bloggers Conference last year. Check out past winners of the Wine Blog Awards.

This has been an interesting year for wine bloggers, with controversies spouting up between bloggers and the traditional media and between bloggers and wineries. Who is weathering the storm? Who is creating the most entertaining and informative content? Who is standing out amongst the flood of new wine bloggers? I can’t wait to see who the public nominates and the judging panel crown.

Note: In case you are wondering, we are classified as a new wine blog, we started late last April and we published 231 post in less than a year!