The WABL Brewery Bus Tour is an opportunity for beer geeks to spend a day visiting and learning about the breweries in a specific region of Washington state. Some of the very first posts on this blog were about the 2009 WABL Brewery Bus Tour and the great experience we had learning about breweries in the South-West region of the state.

powerhouse barleywine

2009 WABL Brewery Bus Tour

In 201o, the bus tour of beer lovers will head west and explore breweries on the West sound. Here is a tentative list of breweries scheduled on the tour.

Yep that is right, seven, count them seven brewery/brewhouse tours in one day!  Most breweries offer special pricing and special brews for this event. The WABL Brewery Bus Tour includes a ride on the party bus with wacky entertainment, snacks and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Box lunch and dinner are part of the deal for only $60!

A deal this good has got to have a catch, but the only requirement is WABL membership. This is a WABL exclusive event. For only $25/year, WABL members get:

  • Passport
  • T-shirt
  • Discounts at select breweries and events
  • Access to WABL-only hours at events
  • Newsletter on news and events pertaining to the Washington Beer Industry
  • Access to exclusive WABL events like the Brewery Bus tour, camping trips and more!

Sign up for a WABL membership today to find out how you can get on the bus with us!