WBC or Bust Road trip is a fantastic way to experience the diversity and excellence of Washington Wine Country. This road trip is a three day, all-expense paid, trek across Washington state wine country designed to get you to Walla Walla at the start of the North American Wine Bloggers Conference.   Transportation, food, lodging and of course wine is provided!

WBC or Bust Badge

This contest is open to  all  citizen wine bloggers, outside of Washington state. Twelve bloggers will be selected based on their blog posts about Washington wine.  Entering the contest is simple but must be completed by midnight tonight!:

  1. Sign up for an account on WineChatr
  2. Download and post an official WBC or Bust badge on your blog
  3. Blog about Washington state wines

You can read more about the specifics in terms of judging and judging categories in our prior post about WBC or Bust. We are excited to be one of the co-hosts and judges for this contest. We look forward to seeing your blog posts.

Pop those corks and start blogging about Washington wine!