Are you looking for a unique  way to learn about AND reasonably acquire Washington Wine? Full Pull Wines may be your answer, especially if you are participating in the WBC or Bust contest!

Paul Zitarelli

Paul Zitarelli

Last October, Paul Zitarelli started Full Pull Wines with the goal to:

“be able to tell the stories behind the wines, offer compelling prices, and make a great buying experience

The Washington Wine Story

Let’s start with the story, with every offering Paul tells his customers the story behind the wine. Depending on the wine offered, the story may be about the people, the land, the varietal that make up that Washington wine. That is right, all of the wines offered through Full Pull are Washington wines and all of them are personally selected by Paul. He travels Washington state talking with wine makers selecting the wines and learning the stories.  Here is an excerpt from one of Full Pull’s recent offerings:

Gary Figgins bonded Leonetti Cellars in 1977 and has been producing premium wine commercially since 1978. Leonetti is absolutely the pioneer winery of the Walla Walla Valley. They were the first to set up shop in Walla Walla, and with their estate vineyards, they helped to establish a reputation for quality that has now drawn more than 100 wineries to the region. Gary’s son Chris is now the head winemaker, and the two “keep tweaking things in the vineyards and cellar as they move toward totally biodynamic farming. As usual, their wines are benchmarks against which others must be measured.” (Jay Miller, writing in Wine Advocate, October 2009).

Their wines are also difficult to find. One option is to join the waiting list for the Leonetti mailing list (the mailing list has been closed for many years). They currently estimate the waiting time at 5-8 years, so with any luck, you could make it onto the list in 2015. Or, for those of us with less patience, I present the following immediate gratification:

2007 Leonetti Cabernet Sauvignon

This will be a wine to sit on for at least five years (if you can resist!) and would make a good 21st birthday gift in 2028 for kids born in 2007.

Pricing Options

Full Pull pricing has two tiers: the regular retail option and the Thursday Pick Up (TPU) price. The TPU price is for customers that pick up their Washington wines in person, between 11-7pm on Thursdays AND for customers that hold shipping until they have acquired a case of wine purchases. Shipping costs are in addition to the wine purchase but are designed to cover expenses, not as a revenue stream for Full Pull.

Prices at Full Pull Wines are reasonable because Paul maintains a very low inventory and usually acquires the wines directly from the winemakers. His low overhead means savings are passed directly to the customer.

How it Works

Full Pull Library

Full Pull Library

About three times a week, wines are offered via the Full Pull Wine email list. The list is currently open and you can sign up for it on the main Full Pull Wines web site. In your email, you will receive wine description and the story behind the wine. The email will contain an order link that is designed for you and you alone. Click the link to place an order on your account. Paul will allocate the wine based upon the requests received and the available demand. Since many of the offerings are reserve wines, or wines usually only available in the winery or for wine club members, there is often only a limited quantity available. You will receive an email with your allotment and an additional email when the wine has arrived in the Full Pull warehouse.

Full Bar

Ed concentrating at Full Pull Wines

Once your wine as arrived at Full Pull, you can pick it up on a Thursday at the warehouse. Although it is in the warehouse district, Full Pull offers a tasting bar and a library setting for the wines. Each week, there is a bagged bottle to test your sensory skills and occasionally other wines to taste as well.

If you are out of the area, you let Full Pull know via email when you are ready to have your wine shipped to you. Full Pull ships to every state that FedEX allows them to do so legally with an adult signature on receipt, basically 35 states out of 50.  More details about their shipping policies are available in the shipping section of the Full Pull web site.

Special Deal for WBC or Bust Contest participants

In support of the North American Wine Bloggers Conference coming to Washington in June and the upcoming WBC or Bust Contest, Paul is waiving all shipping costs through the end of April for contest participants. Wine will need to be purchased at the regular retail price listed in the email offerings but when you email to have your wine shipped, note in your request that you are participating in the contest to have your shipping fees waived. Contest participants are also welcome to browse the Full Pull Offerings Archive and contact Full Pull about current availability of past offerings.

Upcoming Offerings

Here is a sneak peek at some of the unique upcoming offerings  in the next couple of weeks from Full Pull Wines:

Learn more about the story behind Full Pull Wines and Paul Zitarelli’s passion for Washington wines: