Foggy Noggin

Tiny Foggy Noggin Brewery

Tucked behind a home in Bothell, is one of the world’s smallest commercial breweries, Foggy Noggin Brewing. Foggy Noggin will be hosting a grand opening on March 20, 2010  from 1-4 pm.

In addition to the brewery out back, Foggy Noggin has a tasting room set up in their garage.  The garage tasting room boasts a mini bar with taps and LOTS of Foggy Noggin gear.  Husky fans will want to leave the purple and gold at home because Foggy Noggin is unashamedly rooted in Oregon State Beaver territory! The tasting room is set up for Taste and Go. Customers will be able to taste small samples of the beer and they can purchase growlers (cash only). No pint sales and no alcohol consumption on the premises other than the sample tastes. The tasting room will probably be open to the public once a month and for special events.  Foggy Noggin brews will also be available on tap at the Malt and Vine, starting April 2nd.

Jim Jamison

Jim Jamison, 1/2 BBL fermenter

This is a tiny brewery with a single half barrel fermenter. Jim Jamison, and his son Matthew, brew once a week, alternating between the Foggy Noggin Bit ‘O Beaver and Christmas Duck. Jim has been brewing since 1992. In 1995, he created his Bit ‘O Beaver bitter beer recipe.  His porter started out as a beer he made once a year as a Christmas gift for friends. He kept tweaking the recipe and it evolved into the Christmas Duck Porter, the second flagship beer. Jim has about “15 recipes in the bag” but will initially concentrate on the two flagship beers. Customer feedback and additional fermenters will help determine future releases but they are pretty excited to brew their English style IPA. Keep an eye out for it. If we are lucky, we might see it at the Washington Beer Commission Father’s Day Brewfest.

Foggy Noggin

Foggy Noggin Flagship Beers

The intent of Foggy Noggin is focus on balance and to pull back a bit on the hops and the alcohol concentration. They want to create session beers that you can enjoy over the course of the afternoon or evening.  Jim says…

“If I don’t want another glass of the beer that I brewed, I need to tweak the recipe. It doesn’t mean that I will have that second beer but I want to make a beer that tastes good but isn’t so big that I can’t really enjoy two if I want.”

Flavorful beers that don’t overwhelm the palate is the goal here. The beers rest for three weeks before before tapping. No filtering, Jim uses time and gravity to help the brews clarify and settle. The beers are lightly carbonated, receiving 1.5 volume carbonation over a week. The beers will self  distributed and Jim is planning on carefully selecting his tap accounts to ensure that beers are handled respectfully and served with the proper carbonation. I can attest to the importance of temperature with these beers. These beers are not designed to be served ice cold. They need to be a bit warmer to appreciate the aromatics and complexities of these brews.

In 2007, Jim started thinking about turning the home brewing hobby into a commercial venture, to share his love and appreciation of English style ales. In 2008, Foggy Noggin became an official LLC and the work to convert the home brewing projects in the garage into a commercial garage brewery began. TTB would not allow the commercial brewery in an attached garage so Foggy Noggin built a commercial building on their residential property. It took a lot more time and money but Jim is pleased that he now has a brewery with a security system, a great sink system for testing and sanitation and  ambient temperature control. Although this is a commercial brewery, Jim wants to keep the fun and excitement that he enjoyed as a hobby brewer. This is reflected in the whimsy in the tasting room and the grin on Jim’s face as he talks about his brews.

Ebony Foggy Noggin

Ebony knows how to get to Foggy Noggin


March 20, 2010 1-4pm at 22329 53rd Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021, approximately 3 miles East of Canyon Park. Look for our signs.

The brewery is in a residential neighborhood, so please respect our neighbors and don’t block any driveways.

Bring your own growler and we will fill it for $10 or purchase one of ours for $5 and we will fill it for $10. We will have handsome Foggy Noggin t-shirts, hats and other items for sale. All sales are cash only!!!!

Foggin Noggin Gear

Foggin Noggin Gear