Celebrate the stellar talents of the outstanding women in the Northwest Food and Wine industry, with a special focus on Washington talent. In collaboration with, and in support of, the Women’s Funding Alliance, Seattle Uncorked is thrilled to present the first annual Women Stars of Food and Wine on February 9, 2014.


Chef Robin Levanthal

Chef Robin Levanthal

Women Star Chefs:

A woman’s job may have been in the kitchen but usually it was expected to be just their own kitchen. Meet and mingle with Washington Women Chefs who have become stars due to their creativity, skill, and their determination to make their own mark in the culinary world. Sample tidbits of some of their signature creations as well as their next “best thing I ever cooked”. Some of the chefs have national acclaim while others are rising stars with loyal local and expanding fan bases.

  • Carrie Mashaney of Top Chef & Aragona
  • Kathy Casey of Liquid Kitchen
  • Thoa Nguyen of Chinoise
  • Zoi Antonitsas of Westward
  • Robin Leventhal of Wine Country Culinary Institute
  • Ericka Burke of Volunteer Park Café
  • Monica Dimas of Mkt. & Mutsuko Soma of Miyabi
  • Teresa Carew of On Safari
  • Deborah Breuler of Cutters Crab House
  • Sarah Brinlee of El Gaucho Bellevue
  • Karen Jergensen of the Seattle Central Culinary Program
  • Julie Guerrero of Dulces Bistro & Wine Bar
Wine Girl Rose

Pretty in Pink ! Angela Jacobs Wine Maker

Women Star Winemakers

Linger with a glass of wine with the leading ladies of libation. Wine making is a physically arduous career, requiring, brains, braun and an exceptional palate. If you have any doubt about the labors involved, volunteer to help with punch downs at a winery next harvest! The best wine makers know how to make the fruit the star of the wine, enhancing it to shine it’s brightest without getting in the wine’s way.  Taste the talents of these star wine makers who have shown skill and creativity in wine craft.

  • Kelly Hightower of Hightower Cellars
  • Kyra Baerlocher of Kyra Wines
  • Linda Trotta of Swiftwater Cellars
  • Marie-Eve Gilla of Forgeron Cellars
  • Rebecca Gunselman of Robert Karl Cellars
  • Mary Tuuri Derby of DaMa Wines
  • Tanya Woodley of Sulei Winery
  • Debbie Hansen of Cougar Crest Winery
  • Jody Elsom of Elsom Cellars
  • Ali Mayfield of Sun River Winery
  • Holly Turner of Three Rivers Winery
  • Sarah Harker of Rustic Roots Winery (BC)
  • Denice Ingalls of Sky River
  • Karen LaBonte of Trio Vintners
  • Sarah Goedhart of Hedges & Ambassador
  • Hilary Sjolund Wine maker Sonoris Wines

    Hilary Sjolund Wine maker – Sonoris Cellars

    Hillary Sjolund of Sonoris Cellars

  • Kristin Scheelar of Robert Ramsay Cellars
  • Natalie Barnes of Latah Creek Wine Cellars
  • Carol Parsons of Red Sky Winery
  • Angela Jacobs of Wine Girl Wines
  • Lynne Chamberlain of JLC Cellars/Spofford Station

Women Sommeliers

Sommeliers are almost like alchemists, using their experience and palates to create food and wine experiences that are much greater than the sum of their parts. Sometimes, misunderstood as a fancy wine waiter or wine snobs, sommeliers are so much more. They are trained to help you not just pick a glass of something to drink, but something to create an experience. From offering pairing suggestions for your dinner to acquisitions for your wine cellar, sommeliers expand your opportunities as well as your palate.  The best sommeliers will guide and educate, according to YOUR personal flavor profiles. Learn about and taste some of these star sommeliers’ favorite wines and why.

  •  Cortney Lease and Courtney Brown,  Wild Ginger
  • Madeline Puckette - Wine Folly

    Madeline Puckette – Wine Folly

    April Pogue of Loulay Kitchen and Bar

  • Janice Dean and Katelyn Peil of Heavy Rest. Group and the Purple
  • Madeline Puckette of the Wine Folly
  • Cheri Walters
  • Jessie Driskell
  • Meg Posey – Wine Director of How to Cook a Wolf
  • Shelly Fitzgerald of Wine World
  • Mary Silva of Columbia Tower Club
  • Amanda Craig of Canlis
  • Star Black of Clyde Common (PDX)
  • Kristen Koors of Raven & Rose (PDX)
  •  Stacey Gibson of Olympic Provisions (PDX)
  • Tia Hubbard of Waverly Country Club & Gino’s (PDX)
  • Van Doren of Le Crocodile (BC)
  • Samantha Rahn of Araxi (BC)
  •  Dawniel Giebel with Cavatappi
  • Alena Harbin of Agrodolce
  • Jocelyn Foiles of Seastar
  •  Rina Bussell of Altura Restaurant
  •  Patricia Borgardt of Vino Fare
  • Gina Gregory of Premier Vineyard Tours
  • Reggie Daigneault with Northwest Wine Academy
  • Ellen Pritchett of Cantinetta
Sunday, February 9 2014 Columbia Tower Club 2-5pm

Pre-Sale Individual Tickets: $50  or Pair of Tickets: $90

At the door: Individual Tickets: $55  or Pair of Tickets: $110

Columbia Tower Club Members Discount: Individual Tickets: $45 Pair of Tickets: $80 Please provide membership identification at the door.

Part of proceeds benefit the Women’s Funding Alliance