The torch was lit in London for the Olympics last night and EFESTE is  getting ready to pass  a torch too. EFESTE  announced yesterday  Peter Devison is joining their wine making team. Originally from Nova Scotia, Peter brings wine making experience from New Zealand and Australia down under, as well as working in the Washington wine industry since 2004.

EFESTE Wine makers

EFESTE Wine makers:
Peter Devison and Brennon Leighton

Although Peter has spent most of his wine making time in the new world, it was an old world wine technique that led him to his new job.  It was Devison’s experience in reductive wine making, an old-world style that minimizes oxygen exposure to the wine resulting in intense fruit flavor and aroma that intrigued current EFESTE head wine maker  Brennon Leighton. Brennon and Peter will work together to embrace the nuances that Peter will bring to EFESTE wines, as well as celebrate the signature minimalist  style  and native fermentation that Brennon has championed.

Personally selected by Leighton, Brennon states Peter Devison’s:

“… knowledge of our winemaking style is incredible. We have similar philosophies and perspectives that will make for a great progression. It’s like being in a foreign country and finding someone who can speak your language.”


EFESTE Owners Daniel Ferrelli, Patrick Smith, and Kevin Taylor

As a family friend owned winery,  EFESTE is conscious about the importance of change and continuity as their business evolves. Brennon will be evolving too as he moves to Eastern Washington to be closer to the grapes that make the wines that he loves so much. The move over the mountains will allow him to continue with EFESTE as their consulting wine maker, in addition to working with other wineries.

Olympic torch

Preparing for the passing of the torch

The Olympic torch is steeped in transition but its route and method of travel changes to meet the unique culture and terrain of the hosting country.  Wine making is similar, it has been around longer than the Olympics and the basic process is the same. The best wine makers pay attention to the harvest and terroir so the fruit can shine.  Recently Brennon told me that

“…wine making was more akin to being caretaker than a creator.”

It only took 70 days for the torch to travel from Greece to London but the EFESTE wine makers will be working closely together until Brennon moves after this year’s crush. After crush 2012 Brennon will move to a consulting role while Peter takes on the day to day wine responsibilities at EFESTE.

Full Disclosure: One of EFESTE’s recent changes was the wisdom in hiring of Nancy to head up their wine club and events. Nancy is one of our contributing bloggers.