The 2013 Cask Festival continues to be one of the best annual beer events to attend. Amazing varieties of exotic brews that exhibited the great skill of our Pacific Northwest Brew Masters. The Bell Harbor venue was excellent. One major, awesome attribute that I would give this event is that many of the beers were served at an excellent temperature, one that exemplified the notes or their respective styles.

Belgianfest BeersMy favorite beers continue to be Black Raven’s Petite Mort and Silver City’s Scrooged and Fat Scotch ale. There were two new breweries here at the cask festival that also provided excellent beers. The first was Rainy Daze Brewing From Silverdale that is only 6 months old. They were pouring their Holiday Bazaar, a Belgian golden strong ale that packs a whallop at 10 percent ABV; excellently balanced with orange zest, juniper berries, pepper corns, coriander and grains of paradise. Not listed was this same beer aged in whiskey barrels that was a taste sensation. Thanks to Rap and Bob, my WABL friends for pointing me in their direction.

Cokolado Fortika

A second interesting, well-balanced beer was provided by Two Beers Brewing. This beer was also not listed on the program and I am relying on my memory as to what the beer was. It was an ale that included cinnamon and chocolate and I believe it was aged in a wine (Merlot?) barrel. I was hesitant to try this beer and thank Mel, another WABLer, for getting me to taste. The cinnamon was there but was not overpowering and the finish on the beer was very nice. Also thank you Bean for having me taste the Fremont Brewery’s Pine Box Anniversary Oatmeal Stout, one of her favorites.