Bothell maybe the next IT place for beer. Bothell has its own Craft Beer Fest, its own beer focused hotel and most important, its own Public House.  Beardslee Public House opened August 2015 in Bothell after years of dreaming and planning by Chef John Howie  and Erik Liedholm. Erik is John Howie’s restaurant’s Wine Director. He is also Seattle’s first coffee sommelier and is the distiller of  Wildwood Spirits Company. They first shared their plans of a combination pub/brewery/distillery with Bean over a glass of wine way back in 2011! Those years were spent perfecting recipes for the kitchen, distillery and brewery when they weren’t navigating construction issues and the permitting process required to bring a new dream enterprise like this to fruition.

Beardslee Public House Beers

Beardslee Sampler

Beardslee Beer Sampler

Recently I had the pleasure of trying their craft beers and excellent pub fare.  The line up usually consists of ten to fourteen beers of varying styles.  The beers that were currently available when I was there included:

  • Beaver Bait Blonde – IBU 35/ ABV 5.1% – I sometimes find blondes to be a bit anemic to my palate but this blonde was very robust.  A lot more body and flavor with a higher hop profile then I come to expect in a blonde.
  • Yellowbelly Wheat – IBU 18/ABV 5.75% – a nice wheat ale that was soft on the tongue with “banana and clove notes” from the yeast strains
  • Dubbel Cut Saw- IBU 20/ABV 8.6% – a fantastic Belgian style ale that is one of my favorites here.  Definitely want to bring a growler of this home.
  • Bastard Grain Pale Ale IVU 40/ABV 5.5% – Like the Blonde I found this to be more robust then I usually expect from a Pale Ale.  Excellent hop profile on this. The aroma of this beer was delicious!
  • Patch Cut Pumpkin Ale IBU 24/ABV 7.1% – An excellent seasonal brew full of delicious pumpkin spices. They are down to last keg so go now if you want to try this beer.  It really opened up as it got warmer so my advice is to get a glass, let it sit, and get a glass of IPA or ale.  Same is true of their Belgian, Porter and Stout.
  • Four Ginger IPA -IBU60/ABV 6.4%- Bean’s favorite
  • Greenleaf IPA-IBU 60/ABV 6.4%- This was an exceptional IPA.  It had a very pine-like resin finish rather than a floral or Grapefruit finish
  • Bad Axe IPA -IBU 70/ABV 7.6% Now this was MY beer.  Huge tropical fruit profile in finish and on the nose.  NOTE to SELF: Bring Second growler!
  • Sasquatch CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) ABU 62/ABV 6.5%- An excellent winter beer.
  • Knotted Porter – IBU 35/ABV 5.4% -Nice malt notes and subtle hop profile
  • Sidewinder Stout – IBU 65/ABV 6.9% – An excellent winter beer also.  A very rich flavor with notes of cocoa and coffee.
Paige Zahnle & Drew Cluley - Brewers

Paige Zahnle & Drew Cluley – Brewers

Drew Cluley, Head Brewer, came on board April 2015 to oversee the building of the  ten barrel brewery at Beardslee Public House. Drew has many years experience in the brewing industry, including consulting in Japan. His most recent job was head brewer at Big Time Brewery, he has also brewed at Pike Brewing and at Pyramid Brewery. His Assistant Brewer is Paige Zahnle. The Beardslee beers are named to reflect Bothell’s logging, rough and tumble heritage.

Drew has also gave us a taste of the “Timburrrr Winter Ale: Oatmeal Cookie” he brewed for this years Winter Brewfest.  Made with toasted oats and with hints of vanilla and cinnamon it is sure to be a favorite at the festival. You can find Drew, Paige and Beardslee beers at area beer festivals and you can buy growlers of beer at Beardslee Public House to take home with you. Beardslee beers will not be bottled.

Beardslee Public House Food

beardslee_pizzaBeyond the great selection of beer that Beadslee provides is many amenities that most brew pubs do not provide.  First and foremost is the food.  Yeah, yeah I know brew pubs serve food but I mean good food, REALLY GOOD FOOD. I am all about pairing the right food with my wine and beer and here they do an amazing job of providing excellent fare.  Everything is made with the best ingredients and is made from scratch; the hamburger buns, the onion rings, the ketchup, the honey butter.  Oh that rapturaous honey butter. The things I wan to do with that honey butter. I wanted to lick that container of honey butter clean. I wanted to take that honey butter home. I wanted to… but I digress.

Stout infused deviled egg

Stout infused deviled egg

Everything I tried was fantastic!  I was initially concerned about the price point on the “pub food” but this is not any such thing.  Its not some grub thrown together just to be washed down with beer. This is the ultimate in artistically crafted food made from SCRATCH  to be savored. Specialties include their sausages made in house and stout infused deviled eggs.  I ate the best cheeseburger that I have had in years and ordered their deviled eggs for an appetizer. It was an OMG moment (they pickle their own mustard seeds to garnish the eggs for you foodies out there). We had their Quattro Fungi pizza on a previous visit and it was delicious. The crust was crisp and the pizza was perfectly seasoned. The cheese and mushroom ratio was right on and it paired so good with the Wit that we bought a growler to take home with us.

Beardslee Public House Experience

Not a beer drinker?  NO problem. Wildwood Spirits Company recently completed all of its permitting processes to begin distilling both gin and vodka and have plans for additional libations right next door to Beardslee Public House..  I was also more than delighted to see that they serve some of our great Washington wines (Alexandria Nicole, Mark Ryan, Waters and Schloss Howie. Thank you Erik Liedholm!  The space itself is awesome; high ceilings, windows with views and a lot of space.  The tables in the restaurant were made from a giant sequoia tree harvested from the site during construction.  Patrons will also notice giant grain silo out front filled with “two row barley”.  Brewery tours are available with reservations and are highly recommended!


Beardslee Public House

19116 Beardslee Blvd. Bothell, WA 98011

Open 7 Days a Week Sun-Wed 11:30-11:00pm  & Thur-Sat 11:30 to midnight

Happy Hour 3-6 Daily & During Seahawks Games!