Congratulations to @jojolocal, Joanna won two tickets to Merlot Gone Mad! Joanna won by correctly identifying Kevin Correll, Barrage Cellars in our Merlot Gone Mad contest to guess the Merlot Maker.  Her comment was randomly selected from the other correct answers.

Kevin Correll Barrage Cellars

Kevin Correll Barrage Cellars

Kevin Corell is pictured here in his tasting room with my dog Ebony but if you recognized Kevin you probably know that you are much more likely to see his dog Murphy in the Barrage Cellars tasting room. I selected Kevin for this contest for a number of reasons:

  1. I knew that I could talk him into getting his picture taken with Ebony. Murphy is a testament to his patience and love for canines
  2. I wanted to showcase a smaller, lesser known Washington wine maker. There are a some big Washington Merlot stars out there that would have made the contest easier but I like challenges and supporting the newer kid on the block
  3. he makes a kick arse Merlot called Trifecta

Trifecta Merlot

This Washington Merlot is a triple threat blended from Merlot grapes from MarcouxDestiny Ridge and Conner Lee Vineyards.

Kevin Correll has been making the Trifecta Merlot since 2007. The Trifecta is named in homage to his dad, a thoroughbred horse trainer and breeder. For awhile Kevin pursued his fathers’ foot steps and was a horse trainer himself before switching to a steadier paycheck with a career at Boeing. Kevin still has a deep passion for horses and the horse world has taken notice of his wine making. The Barrage Cellars Trifecta Merlot was featured in the  Blue Grass Wine Auction, as part of the Kentucky Derby Week. Kevin will be catching the red-eye to make it back in time to pour the Trifecta Merlot at Merlot Gone Mad on Sunday. Be sure to stop by the Barrage Cellars booth to taste the Trifecta and to ask them about Kentucky Derby Week!