The Northwest Wine Academy will be offering Advanced Food and Wine Pairing with Chef Lenny Rede this summer.

Advanced Food and Wine pairing transcends the classic pairing rules and encourages students to de-construct their food and wine pairings. Instead of learning to serve Wine A with sauce B, students will work with five proteins, five sauces and five wines to create the best pairing(s) possible. It is relatively easy to pair a single dish with a wine but creating wine pairing for a multi-course meal brings more challenges. Students will learn how to create menus for wine pairing that will please and refresh the palate through out the meal.

raclette party

Chef Lenny teaching Raclette party

Gout de Terroir roughly translates to “the taste of place“. Students will study gout de terroir as it relates to culture and community and how to express it through food and wine pairing.

Students will learn how to prepare and pair dishes from around the world. Yes, I said prepare. Chef Lenny Rede is also a Chef instructor at  Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and will be teaching wine students how to prepare food for wine. Students will experiment with classic French sauces as well as cuisines as diverse as Thai, Swiss, Indian, Mexican and BBQ. This is a class where you get excited to study for! Lenny is also the only instructor that i have had that has eased the stress of quiz taking by providing students with Proseco and cheesecake or a nice glass of Darby Winery Grenache!

Advanced Food and Wine Pairing will be held at the Northwest Academy at South Seattle Community College on Thursday nights, starting July 1st. Class is from 5:30-9:30 for eight fun filled informative weeks. Intro to Food and Wine Pairing is a pre-requisite or permission from the instructor to register. This is a three credit course. Registration is now open. Don’t miss out! Contact Regina Daigneault, Wine Studies Coordinator (206) 764-7942 for more details.

Can you imagine a better way to spend a summer evening? What is better than eating fabulous food and drinking wine? How about learning about how to create these pairings so you can share them with friends and family through out the year?