The annual Woodinville Passport Weekend is upon us! Woodinville Passport weekend offers the opportunity to visit up to 40 different Washington wineries, all with tasting rooms in the Woodinville area. Some of these boutique wineries are only open a few days out of the year and this is your opportunity to visit them and taste their wines. This year, with the recent influx of new wineries into Woodinville, you can sample an astonishing array of Washington wine varietals and wine making styles. With so much wine, in so many different wineries and so many people coming to enjoy the wine, here are some tips to making the most out of your passport weekend.

Update: A couple of wineries did not get printed into the passport but are participating: Chatter Creek and Hestia Cellars

  1. Parking can be limited. Carpool with a designated driver or take advantage of some of the services to chauffeur you around Passport weekend:
    1. Bon Vivant Tours
    2. Butler Transportation
    3. Riss Enterprises
    4. Seattle Green Limo $5 shuttle around the winery loop leaves every 30 minutes, listen for the honk
  2. Come up with a plan but be flexible enough to follow the buzz about the great wines being poured
    1. Pick up your passport and glass early between 3-7pm today at Columbia Winery to avoid the crowds this weekend.
    2. Browse the passport over Flat bread at Columbia Winery today or try special breakfast flatbreads Saturday from 9-11am
  3. Drink plenty of water. Try drinking a glass of water between each tasting room. Some tasting rooms will have water but bring some of your own as well.
  4. Put an empty cooler or two in your car. It is going to be nice this weekend and your car will get hot. Coolers will protect your wine purchases during the day. Patterson Cellars is also offering a Wine Check, to store you wine purchases while you are enjoying Woodinville Passport.
  5. Take advantage of the great pre-passport opportunities tonight. Several Woodinville Wineries are offering new release and Passport eve parties on Friday night. Check out Cuillin Hills, Patterson Cellars, William Church Winery, Woodinville Wine Cellars and more!