I am excited to be attending my first Taste Washington this weekend. As a wine lover, I am excited to taste such  great diversity of high quality Washington wines under one roof. These grand tasting events, like Taste Washington, are a not-to-be-missed opportunity because:

  1. 1) First and foremost this event will enable participants to meet the warm community of wine makers, winery owners and vineyard operators. Before I got involved in Washington wine. I had the preconception that as the number of Washington wineries increased the competition would create a dog-eat-dog culture. Reality proved that absolutely wrong. Wineries and Vineyards across the state work in a remarkable collegial environment and all endeavor to promote the industry as a whole and provide wines that can compete on a global scale.
  2. 2) Taste Washington will allow me to compare my favorite white wine varieties throughout the state. My first task will be to compare the Viognier,  Reausanne, Gewurtztraminer, and Riesling wines as well as rarer varieties such as Albarino and Siegerrebe wines.
  3. 3) If I survive step two, this event will enable to contrast/compare my favorite red wine varietals: Cab Franc, Malbec and Merlot. In addition, I plan on following the amazing Tempranillos that promise a great future in Washington wine production. With attention to spitting and hydration I might salvage enough taste buds to try any Barberras and Sangiovese that might appear.
  4. 4) At Taste Washington I will once again wrestle with an on-going problem. I have a strong desire to try the new releases of the wineries near and dear to my heart. At the same time I have an obligation to try the selections provided by wineries I have not yet sampled and new Washington wineries. Then there is the need to re-visit wines I did not like in the past but may be a better fit to my palate now. It all comes down to too little time and too many choices.
    Life is so rough.
  5. 5) Taste Washington is more than just a grand tasting. I am excited to attend one of the seminars before the Grand tasting. There are three seminars on Sunday and I am leaning towards Vineyard Exploration: Ciel du Cheval Vineyard. I have visited Ciel du Cheval and literally dug in the dirt of that vineyard but it will be great to taste six different wines from that vineyard. I am fascinated by the impact of terroir and how winemakers use their talents to craft their unique wines.

I look forward to Taste Washington and am optimistic that my pre-planning may make this a valuable, fun experience. Enjoy!