Are you ready for “Foreplay before the Big Day“? Pike Brewing is hosting their fourth annual Chocofest on Sunday February 12th, 2012.

Pike ChocofestSome say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to Chocofest who doesn’t want bigger? This year promises to be bigger and unlike some lovers in your past, Pike Brewing delivers. This year’s Chocofest has moved into the expanded brewing space to accommodate more food, more beer, more mead, more spirits and of course more chocolate!



Chocofest beer truffles

Chocolate is delicious paired with beer, but what about beer made with chocolate? New this year, local brewers have been invited to brew and serve their own versions of beer made with chocolate. Pike will offer XXXX Cocoa Cherry Porter, specially brewed for the occasion in our new pilot brewery.

Local and Imports

Seattle is blessed with an amazing assortment of exceptional breweries, distilleries, meaderies, wineries, chocolatiers, cheese makers and chefs. Come taste some of the best that Washington has to offer then compare and contrast with imports from around the world.


FareStart will receive the benefits from Chocofest 2012. The FareStart organization trains homeless and disadvantaged workers for careers in the culinary industry while serving meals to disadvantaged men, women and children.

Purchasing tickets to Chocofest is a great way to support the community and to gift a sensual evening of delicious delights to your loved ones.

Cost: $30, with proceeds benefiting FareStart

For reservations and information: Tara (206)812-6604 |