Ever wondered what other hidden talents your favorite beverage producer might possess? They boast of their creative exploits with guitar displays on their walls and serenading us at events but what about athletic?

Kayak - John and Peggy Bigelow of JM Cellars

Kayak – John and Peggy Bigelow of JM Cellars

How fast can your favorite wine maker run, paddle or bike? Woodinville Wine Country, the nonprofit trade association responsible for building awareness of the quality and diversity of Woodinville wines, will put your Woodinville’s most daring winemakers and their tasting room teams, along with their neighbor breweries and distilleries, to the test on August 19, 2015.

For the second consecutive year, Woodinville Wine Country will host the Woodinville Winemaker, Brewer and Distiller Triathlon, taking place Wednesday, August 19, from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Woodinville. Spectators are invited to watch, challenge and cheer over 30 teams of winemakers, craft beer brewers and craft distillers as they run, cycle and paddle to raise money for The Goodtimes Project, a children’s no-cost oncology camp for patients, survivors and siblings affected by cancer from Western Washington and Alaska.


Barrel Boat -John Patterson

Barrel Boat -John Patterson

The triathlon will have the teams racing through the Sammamish River Valley’s most picturesque areas, finishing with a brisk, splashy sprint up the river to Adventura Aerial Park near Willows Lodge. While some teams will opt for more traditional boats for their pass up the Sammish Slough, other teams will demonstrate their dedication to their craft with barrel rafts!

DeVoigne Cellars

KISS AKA DeVoigne Cellars

In years past, a similar event was held called the Wine Maker Olympics, where some teams wore costumes to build team spirit and to add to the fun. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some costumes this year as well. Our Woodinville Wine Makers are a creative sort and like to have fun! They want you to come down to the Triathlon and have a great time while raising money so kids with cancer can have good times too.

After the race, contestants and spectators will celebrate at Redhook Brewery to enjoy beer, wine, spirits, food and live entertainment.

Bob Betz

Bob Betz warning his family not to dunk him again

Participants include some of the best wine and booze makers in town, including: Betz Family Winery, JM Cellars, Gorman Winery, Patterson Cellars, Darby Winery, Redhook Brewery, Sumerian Brewery and many more.

Woodinville Winemaker, Brewer and Distiller Triathlon

August 19, 2015

Redhook Brewery

Tickets are $75 per person and include meal and beverage tickets and an event T-shirt. Tickets are tax deductible and will help support both Woodinville Wine Country and The Goodtimes Project.

For more information on , visit www.woodinvillewinecountry.com.