Corn Blueberry Salmon Salad for wine pairing

Summer may be but a memory, but when it comes to this  summer salad, it is a sweet memory indeed. This corn, blueberry and salmon salad is lovely to pair with wine and with a tweak or two. I was inspired by the corn and blueberry salad posted at Cook Local. I was visiting friends in California and wanted to fix the salad after scoring some local blueberries and corn. Unfortunately, there was a burn ban so I couldn’t grill the corn. We had a huge oaky Chardonnay to pair with the salad so I added some great smoked salmon to the salad. It was a great pairing, with us practically licking the bowl clean.

Corn, blueberry salmon salad

Corn, blueberry salmon salad

We were having a “last call” dinner of summer fare and when I saw end of the season blueberries I grabbed them in a hurry. This time we were pairing it with Olympic Cellars 2008 Le Melange Nouveau is a lavender infused Muller-Thurgau wine, so I wanted to make sure that the salad didn’t overwhelm this delicate wine. Again, I lightly steamed the corn but this time I used bits of delicate lox instead of a big smoked salmon. I also used an Orange Muscat Champagne vinegar instead of standard Champagne vinegar.

Here is the basic recipe, change it to match the wine of your choice.

Corn, Blueberry and Salmon Summer Salad

4 ears of fresh sweet corn
1 pint of fresh blueberries
1/2 to 1 cup smoked salmon or lox in bits
1-2 TBS of fresh basil, minced
Champagne vinegar, plain or flavored
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt

You read that right. There are no amounts given for the vinegar, oil and salt. You will want to drizzle and adjust these ingredients according to your taste, the flavors of the corn, blueberries and salmon, and of course your wine!

The higher the acidity of your wine, the more champagne vinegar you can drizzle over this salad. Choose a milder vinegar and salmon and steam your corn to pair with more delicate wines. Try grilling your corn for a fuller bodied wine.  Have fun experimenting!

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  1. Vivian Mycroft says:

    This is delicious! I could not stop helping myself to just a little more several more times.

  2. pete s. says:

    Thank you for posting the recipe. I’ve been sitting here trying to assemble the flavors in my head, from taste memory, and am really intrigued. This is going on my food To-Do list for an opportune moment with fresh ingredients.

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