Cody Morris, head brewer and owner of Mollusk Brewing, brews beer that is designed to drink with food. Beet Down is no exception, in fact, it is a great example of a food pairing beer. This year, he released it as a Seattle Beer Week event at Dexter Brew House, paired with a special salad and beats laid down by a DJ.

Beet Down Sour

Deep rosy magenta opaque beer smells like freshly upturned soil after a spring rain. Intense beet flavor abounds in this Washington sour beer. Imagine  beets, dressed with a red vinaigrette and fresh, minced herbs, and you have an idea of what this beer tastes like.

Beet Down is aged in red wine barrels solera style. Since 2012, every release of Beet Down has spent some time in the same red wine barrel from a Yakima winery.  While many of the Mollusk* sour beers are “kettle sours” and are consistent, the Beet Down is a wild ale.  Working with wild ferments can be a wild ride, leading to slight variations in Beet Down each year.  This is minimized by the solera, mixing barrels before release. 2018 Beet Down is 50% 2018 and 50% prior releases.

Mollusk Brewing Beet Down Sour, Beet Salad, DJ Beats trio

Beet Down Sour, Beet Salad, DJ Beats trio

Roasted Beet Salad Pairing

Dexter Brewhouse Chef Jon Langley prepared a salad of salt roasted baby beets, crushed marcona almonds, orange supremes and smoked yogurt, with sherry-orange vinaigrette. Marcona almonds really transforms the Beet Down, it “feels” more effervescent after the crunch of the nut.  The salty richness of the almonds sweetens the beer softly and puts the stronger earthy notes in the background.  The vinaigrette dressed greens create a pleasing harmony of acidity, without overwhelming. Orange sections, dipped into smoked yogurt are a juicy, sweet-tart explosion in your mouth with a bit of smoky finish.  Follow that bite, with a sip of Beet Down that will taste brighter and more vibrant, to clear your palate for the next bite.  Beet bites dragged through the yoghurt paired with Beet Down will re-acquaint you with Mother Earth, sending the sweeter side of beets to the background like back up singers to balance out the act.

Coming Soon

Beet Down Bottles for Sale

Dexter Brewhouse has Beet Down bottles for sale at $9, but must limit to 3 per person as there are only 18 cases in this batch.

Cody Morris and partner Cody Cluff will be opening a second location, Magnuson Cafe and Brewery, in Magnuson Park in June or July.

*Mollusk Brewing started out under the name Epic Ales.