Spain converges with Washington, under the stewardship of Doug McCrea, in Vina Salida. Vina Salida is a small lot production, focusing on Spanish varietals. It all began with Tempranillo in 2006, when Vina Salida first emerged on the wine market. Haven’t heard of Vina Salida yet? I am not surprised as the initial releases were extremely limited. Only 48 cases were produced from the 2006 and 2007 vintages.  Now the Vina Salida line has expanded to four wines: Albarino, 100% Tempranillo, Tres Vino and Fuego Salida.

Vina Salida

Vina Salida

Doug  McCrea is respected as being one of the fathers of Washington Syrah, planting it in 1990 and releasing the second Washington state Syrah in 1996. The nineties are virtually ancient history when it comes to the Washington wine industry! Well known for his skill and expertise with Rhone varietals in Washington state, Doug wants to make a similar splash with  Spanish varietals. Doug has actually been working with Spanish varietals for years as the Grenache and Mouvedre grapes used in his McCrea Cellars wines are originally of Spanish descent. In 2006, Doug acquired 1 ton of Tempranillo. In the barrel he was pleased how the Washington grown Tempranillo emanated  the rich aromas of a Spanish Rioja while still reflecting the characteristics of Washington terroir.

tapas table

Food and wine

Over the weekend, I gathered a tasting panel for an evening of Tempranillos and tapas. We tasted the four current wines in the Vina Salida line as well as Albarino and Rioja from Spain, and a new world and old world Grenache. This post is first in a series as we explore the Vina Salida wine, comparing and contrasting Washington and old world styles of Spanish varietals.

Want to try Vina Salida? Come to the winery open house this Saturday, July 30 from 1-6pm.

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