Seattle International Beerfest

SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL BEERFEST 2012 is a high end 3-day beer festival specializing in rare, hard-to-find, exotic beers. Over 200 world-class beers from 16 countries will be on hand, hailing from all over the planet, many from right here in the Pacific NW. Stroll around our beautiful grounds with a cold one as you listen to great bands play all weekend.



What: 5 different samples of young & old Belgian Lambic blended live in person.
When: 2pm Daily for about 45 minutes
Where: by table 38 (inside)
Who: Hosted by Bockor Brewery of Belgium, makers of Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge.
– Reservations only. 40 seats per day.
– Your ticket guarantees a seat and includes table service!
– You must buy the exact day you want to attend. All are expected to sell out

2) Utopias. Super limited once-in-a-lifetime beer experience!

When: Fri, 5pm only
Where: Table 26 (inside)
Cost: 10 beer tix for 1oz. Sound crazy? If you know about this beer, you know what a good deal this is. Bottles sell for as much as $500.
First come, first served. Only 100 people will get some.

NEW DIGS – DOUBLE THE SPACE Fisher Pavilion & Lawn at Seattle Center. Still right under the Space Needle but with twice the space and very beautiful. New indoor restrooms are one of many nice touches.

BYOB. BRING YOUR OWN BLANKET! This year’s event will have even more seating than before (both shaded & unshaded). In addition our new space has a huge lush grass lawn we’re leaving wide open. Stake out your spot with a picnic blanket from home and kick back in style!

EXTREME.Yeah we’ve been called that. Fair enough. July ain’t just for “lawnmower” beers. Sure we’ll have a few, but it’s winter somewhere right? SIB will roll out a downright gaudy selection of top rated Barley Wines, Imperial Stouts, Double IPA’s, Barrel Aged Strong Ales, funky Farmhouse Saisons, and Sour Ales.

ADVENTUROUS.That’s what you should be. The main point of SIB is to try things you’ve never had before. Come find out why our motto is “TASTE THE GREATEST BEERS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF”

$30 at gate Fri & Sun
$35 at gate Sat
– Entry includes official SIB glass & 10 beer tickets

– More tickets available for $1 each
– Beers are 4oz. servings
– Beers cost 1 to 7 tickets
– There are dozens of 1 ticket beers, usually over 50
– Prices are NOT based on rarity. They are based on what it costs us.
– $5 for non-drinkers

Date(s) - Jul 6 2012 until 8 Jul 2012
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Reinhaus Tacoma