Big Time Friday the 13th IPA Extravaganza


It’s a known fact that Jason the masked villain in the Friday the 13th movies loved IPA. Really, just ask anyone!

Come to the Big Time tomorrow and taste some of the wonderful IPA’s that both we here at the Big Time, and our sister brewpub Triple Rock in Berkeley California produce.
That’s right, we are featuring a half barrel of IPAX – the Triple Rocks House IPA which is a west coast style version that packs a lot of hoppiness!
We also will have a cask of our Perspective IPA, ( a Simcoe /Amarillo hop lovers dream beer ).
Icculus IPA, Bhagwan’s Best IPA, and a new batch of Scarlet Fire will also be available.

All IPA’s will be available when we open at 11:30am. The IPAX, Cask Perspective and Icculus are limited to 1 keg each. Next week Perspective will replace Icculus on our draft list, but don’t worry we are brewing another batch of Icculus tomorrow.

Date(s) - Jul 13 2012 until 14 Jul 2012
11:30 AM - 1:30 AM

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