Wednesday night is cask night at Black Raven Brewery where you can taste the weird, wacky and the sublime in one-off blends. Tonight’s cask is called Wise Old Sage. This Washington beer is a sage, yarrow, honeybush and ginger infused Trickster IPA. The nose on this is predominantly the sage but the flavor is much more balanced, especially with the hop bite. There is a slight sweetness to this beer, that is probably the secret to the wonderful, balanced finish on this brew. We are pairing this tasty brew with Outrageous Nuts chili chipotle cashews. This is a great pairing.

Loving the sage, want to pair it with chicken.

That was the Beanster a yammerin’ but she has a metallic  taste tonight so perhaps she wantedto pair this lovely brew with the broiler pan the chicken was cooked in. I am loving it with our cashews. Some people thought it was too sagey, but what do they know? We like it just fine!