Where’s the Wheat? (Lavender Wheat Beer)

I know that a lot of you are looking for Lavender Wheat beer, at least that is what Google tells me. Last year, we fell in love with the Snipes Mountain Brewery Lavender Wheat beer. It was a huge hit at the Rails to Ales Brewfest last year where it emptied SO fast that we were lucky to get a glass and even luckier to get the last drops from the keg to bring home to our colleagues.

Lavender Wheat  Beer seemed to be a hit and former head brewer Chris Miller was excited when the Space Needle starting having the Lavender Wheat Beer on tap late last summer. I was delighted that the tasty and unusual brew made it over the mountains to Seattle, even if the Space Needle was the only place west side to have it on tap. As the weather turned to winter, the appeal of heading to the Seattle Center for a wheat brew couldn’t surmount my aversion to traffic and paying for parking.

Well obviously I wasn’t the only one that didn’t make the drive to the Space Needle for my brew. I talked to Chad Roberts, the new brewer at Snipes Mountain Brewery today about whether they had any of the Lavender Wheat Beer, and if it was coming this way.

We don’t currently, as it didn’t move quick enough.  We are working on a way to do single kegs of it by dosing a keg of Heffer with Lavender bags.


Snipe Mountain Lavender Wheat at Rails to Ales

Soggy Seattle may not be conducive to summer wheat beer sales but as the temperature is rising all over the state, (even Seattle!) special session beers are looking more and more attractive. Here is to hoping that the Lavender Wheat beer will be available again in time to enjoy this summer. If and when it does come, drink it!

If you are having trouble finding Snipes in your area please let Snipes Mountain Brewery  know and  they will do what they can to get their beer to your market. 509-837-BREW or email .


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