I had the pleasure of savoring the Walking Man Oaked Aged JayWalker at the WABL 4th Anniversary party. The Walking Man Oaked Aged JayWalker is a Russian Imperial Stout, aged in American Oak barrels.

Walking Man Jaywalker

Clocking in at 12.7 ABV, this is a BIG beer, brewed in honor of Jay Johnson. Big but not brutish, this Washington beer has lots of malt, with bourbon overtones and  toasty flavors. It has some chocolate and dried fruit flavors on the finish. It is an inky black beer with a thin tan head. The mouth feel is  thick but not syrupy. The IBU is over 100 but it doesn’t taste like it. This Stout beer won 2005 North American Beer Awards Gold Medal.

This was one of my favorite brews at the party and I was not alone in my regard. When Last Call was issued, half of our table raced to get another glass of Walking Man Oak Aged JayWalker to finish off the afternoon.