I had two opportunities to enjoy the Silver City Fat Woody during Seattle Beer Week. the first time was with Jeramie and Andrea at the Elysian during the Washington vs California firkin event. The second opportunity was at the Bodacious Beverage night  at Beveridge Place Pub.

The Silver City Fat Woody is my idea of the perfect winter brew. It is a beautiful deep toffee brown. The first sip is a smoky malty sweetness that slowly transforms on the palate into a silky smooth hop finish. No jarring of the palate here, the time this spent aged in oak makes the malt to hop taste transformation like floating on a wave. It is a sweet ale, but not overly so. It is like a rich toffee that you want to savor. I can totally see my self with my feet up by the fire enjoying this brew. Too bad I am too old and broken to ski any more, this would be a great beer to enjoy  after a day exercising and enjoying the snow.

It is a sunny day in May and I am savoring this brew but it is a tad heavy for me to associate it  with summer drinking. The fantastic flavor has made me include this brew in my quota, regardless of the weather. I hope that I get the opportunity to stock up on this one when the weather cools again next fall!