Silver City Eau Sombre

Perfection in a glass.  The first time I remember trying this lovely nectar was at a Naked City Taphouse beer and food pairing event for Seattle Beer Week.  Silver City Brewery Eau Sombre is a deep dark amber color and has a lot of the traits of Barley wine: slightly sweet, has a very intense body and a hefty alcohol intent.

This lovely Silver City Eau Sombre was available on tap at the Beverage Place Pub located in West Seattle.  Bean and I looked at the long list of beer and wine selections offered at that time and  Bean immediately chose the Eau Sombre.  As soon as she reminded me of the Naked City event, I quickly followed suit. While John, the bartender, was pouring our glasses, another bar patron inquired about the Eau Sombre.  John responded that it was like “banana bread in a glass.”   And truly that is what I tasted thereafter.   Totally delicious if you are into banana bread.

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