When it comes to planning for Seattle Beer Week 2011, you can search via the web and/or bring along the printed Seattle Beer Week Guide in the center of Seattle Weekly. In years past, I studied ahead of time online and relied on my published Seattle Beer Guide when I was on the road.

Sorry Seattle Beer Collective and Seattle Weekly, this year’s print is #FAIL. If you simply rely on this printed guide to plan for Seattle Beer Week you are going to miss out on a lot of great beer events. I haven’t done a thorough count, but from browsing, I imagine at least 30% of Seattle Beer Events are not in this guide. For example, today 5/19 there are 18 events listed at Seattle Beer Week web site but only five of those beer events made it into the “Official Guide”.

Print vs Online

Print vs Online

A noble attempt, but I worry about all the time and energy that brewers, brew pubs, shops, restaurants, bars and beer lovers have invested in creating their Seattle Beer Week events that print readers won’t know about. I totally understand the reality of printing costs and production time lines (I used to be the Production Manager for a college newspaper) that limits what ends up getting printed. I confess that I am personally seduced by reading the printed word on paper that I hold in my hands but not when I hold only an excerpt of the information that I seek.

Online Winners

Instead of depending on the printed guide, I suggest you go online:

Seattle Beer Week: Events Listing

This is the official Seattle Beer Event Listing by date. It has links to additional information about the beer events and maps. I will print this on my computer and take it with me as my paper guide this year.

Beer Monger: Detailed Look at Seattle Beer Week

This guide combines the brief event descriptions by date with some additional information and addresses.

Washington Beer Blog: Seattle Beer Week – Best of Washington

Kendall has listed his favored Seattle Beer Week Events that focus on Washington beers by date. Earlier I mentioned I was going to do a post like this and publish on Wednesday but after reading this great post my sense of urgency dissipated.

Ales, Lagers, Parties Oh My!

This is our own SBW announcement post that instead of listing events by date, categorizes events. Like the Seattle Weekly guide, this is a partial listing but we tried to be very clear about that and refer readers to the official Seattle Beer Week events page to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Seattle Beer Week  Facebook

Wonder where the Seattle Beer Collective are or where people are progressing in the Tour de Pints III? Check the Facebook stream for updates.


Beer lovers will be telling the world about the great beers they are drinking and which Seattle Beer Week event they are heading to next. I haven’t found an official Seattle Beer Week 2011 hashtag yet but we are using #SBW11. I have seen that hashtag in use as well as #SBW, #SBW2011 and #seattlebeerweek