The Elysian’s Search Party really packed a lot of entertainment into its Seattle Center venue. An excellent lineup of lively larger and well known local to international bands kept the crowds happy while they sipped cold Washington beer on the lawn. There were rumors of a treasure hunt as part of Search Party but we couldn’t quite figure out how to participate in it. The staff people either didn’t know or gave conflicting answers. That search still goes on. The presence of The Vera project kept the vibes local and Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Band t-shirts were being silk screened by The Vera Project while you wait.  A punk marching band blasted Erik Satie energetically while dangling aerialists poured stouts into your glass. A tattoo station inked people with beer related art such as the notorious Space Dust hop face. Constantly, there was something to keep you entertained.

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Search Party Beers

Search Party beers on tap included Elysian staples and some of their lesser-known beers as well as several beers from other breweries. There were rich stouts, plenty of IPAs, and some notable beer alternatives. My favorite wasn’t even technically a beer. Crucible’s Pink Drink was a hop-less wheat drink that was practically raspberry soda. Elysian’s GLITTERis Pride Ale (I am so lucky to have had this as this was the last day Elysian was pouring it) was a close second. Since George used to be part of The Vera Project, he is my co-pilot at The Search Party.

Crucible Pink Search Party 2017

Crucible Pink Search Party 2017

Crucible Pink Drink was so refreshing on a sunny summer day we couldn’t stop at just one. We came back for more when the afternoon started to heat up. The Pink Drink description said it was made without hops so we can’t call it a beer but we can call it tasty and similar to a sour raspberry wheat beer.  George points out that this is

Everything you could ask for in a sour beer: the sour, the sweet, the bubbly and its PINK!  Except for that small little detail that Pink Drink is not a “beer” so you know. Regardless, it is good to drink. However, to me, ‘everything you want in a sour beer’ makes for a typical drink. If what you want is something you expect, and you expect is a fairly tasty pink drink; then this is the drink for you.

Elysian Barrel Aged Loser Pale Ale  (VIP only)  George says:

This fine barrel aged beer tastes to my undeveloped palate as if someone has mixed Old English Kentucky Gentleman and a dash of orange juice into  beer, but is that a bad thing? Certainly NOT, it is a fine combination, pleasant to the malt lover and good for your head 

Elysian Bourbon Barrel Bifrost Winter Ale maybe not what you expect to be drinking on a sunny July afternoon. We couldn’t pass it up though. Definitely a winter ale, but it was barrel-aged only three months, the barrel enhances but never takes over the beer like some do.  George chimed in on this new taste sensation:

Only my second barrel aged beer but my favorite so far; fruity, and zesty but you can taste the barrel. Very strong but would drink again.

Elysian Dread Oak-Aged Imperial Stout was literally a special pour. An Enjoy Production aerialist poured the beer, while hanging upside down, only at certain times of the festival. Pretty cool to get a performance pour of a cool beer.  This beer was deep, dark and dangerous just like its name. I thought it kind of tasted like tootsie rolls™

Aerialist pouring George Dread Oak Aged Imperial Stout

Aerialist pouring George Dread Oak Aged Imperial Stout

George really seemed to like this Washington Imperial Stout.

Very good, dark chocolaty taste, warm and inviting. The fact that an aerialist poured this for me may have made me more excited about this than usual, but this IS a tasty beer that I would recommend to any cool kid (over 21).

Elysian GLITTERis Pride Ale was one of my favorite beers of the day. Bean thought it was an ideal summer session beer, full of fruit flavor, but this special seasonal beer was brewed just for Pride month. July 1st was its last day on tap. GLITTERis Pride Ale is a beer we want to beg Elysian to brew again next year for Pride month 2018. George bemoaned the limited availability of this tasty Washington beer, supporting the LGBTQ community:

So I hear they are putting this beer out of commission, WHY? it’s very tasty, you dig? Sweet at first then the slightest sour, it’s almost like a dry soda but it is a ale! Have a good ol’ time sippin’ on this sweet sweet potation.

Elysian Omen Raspberry Stout was nicely balanced. I loved that it wasn’t too sweet. You tasted more roasted malt than malt sweetness. Even with the added Washington raspberries, this Washington this stout just wasn’t too sweet, it was delicious! We decided it could stand up to a scoop of Bluebird vanilla ice cream for our own version of a stout float. Awesome.

Ghostfish Covfefe Imperial White IPA was a surprise. Gluten free Imperial IPA? Gluten-free beers have taken a bad wrap for being wimpy beers. I am always on the look out for a good gluten-free beer. Ghostfish Imperial White IPA maybe many things, but wimpy? uh uh! I haven’t had a White Imperial IPA before, but it wasn’t what I would have expected in the IPA category, but I liked it. Exactly how it tasted brought out a difference of opinions.

I thought it was:

A super funky beer, oh my god, I love this. It is like a blue cheese salad dressing beer, ooh that’s good.

Bean was impressed that it had more body than most gluten-free beers but aromatically that it was a cross between a Belgian and an IPA. She didn’t get the funk I did, it was all about tropical fruit for her. George got something totally different and said:

smoky grapefruit taste, a good gluten-free option

Taste it yourself and tell us what YOU taste in the comments below. It is on tap in the Ghostfish tasting room and we would love to hear from you.

Search Party Wrap Up

I would recommend the Elysian Brewing Search Party, particularly to people interested in participating in Seattle’s beer and music scene. It’s an excellent introduction for people new to the city and is varied enough to keep locals entertained.

A great place to take your spouse or first tinder date

Thunderpussy certainly had the best stage presence of the three bands that we heard and embodied the ‘sex symbol” aspect of rock music perfectly. George had a good time too.

They (along with the rest of the bands) were incredibly well put together, which is one of the most important parts of a live show. Everybody was having a good time. People were drinking beer and listening to music. What else could you ask for in an afternoon?

I’m excited to see that the Elysian Brewing continues to keep its focus around local projects such as The Vera Project.

Eileen represents the next generation of Wine Beer Washington at the ripe age of 22. She has a great palate and an inquisitive mind. Her British dad has been teaching her about beer, cider and mead for years.

Her boyfriend George has ‘an every guy palate’ with very basic beer knowledge.He used to be part of The Vera Project, making him a natural contributor to this event.