Congratulations to Scuttlebutt Brewing Company for providing excellent craft beers and ales to Everett, Washington and the greater Puget Sound area for the last twenty years! In celebration of this milestone, Scuttlebutt Brewery has doubled the size of their brewery and have added a beautifully designed tasting room. The new Scuttlebutt tasting room opened at the beginning of September.

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Scuttlebutt 20th Anniversary Pack

In addition, Scuttlebutt has brewed an amazing Imperial Russian Stout and aged this in three different casks from regional distillers of distinction to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. The anniversary stouts are available for tasting at the tasting room but there is only a small supply of the bottled product available for sale. A gorgeous carry box that holds the four varieties of the stout are going fast and are extremely limited.
The four Russian Imperial Stouts in the special Anniversary pack are:

  • The 20th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout in its uncasked, original form. Take note! This 11.7% ABV brew is very smooth and so well balanced that it will fool the palate into thinking it is just not that strong. This stout will age well and at only $12 in the tap room or $14 in the retail market it is a real bargain. Be sure to get at least one bottle for your cellar and one bottle to drink now with a friend (remember that 11.7% ABV! )
  • Oola barrel aged Scuttlebutt Russian Imperial Stout


    The second bottle is the Russian Imperial Stout barrel aged in whiskey casks from Oola Distillery. The flavor was very up front on the palate with a short finish with “leather-like” notes. This was my personal favorite.

  • Woodinville Whiskey barrel aged Scuttlebutt Russian Imperial Stout

    Woodinville Whiskey

    Woodinville Whiskey barrels were used to age the Scuttlebutt Russian Imperial stout in the third batch. It had a wonderful vanilla essence on the nose and much sweeter flavor profile reminiscent of pipe tobacco.

  • Russian Imperial Stout aged in Skip Rock Distillers barrel

    Skip Rock

    The fourth batch of Scuttlebutt Russian Imperial stout was aged in Skip Rock Distiller’s rum barrels. Maple syrup and wood profiles really shined in the flavor. Of the four stouts, this one had the longest finish. I am predicting that this particular stout should age very well.

Scuttlebutt Brewery Taps

Scuttlebutt Brewery Taps

In addition to these great anniversary stouts, the Scuttlebutt tasting room boasts the regular selection of beers that Matt Stromberg brews for Scuttlebutt Brewery. My personal favorite beer is his Belgian Triple Ale that he likes to showcase with jalapeno or raspberry. We were also able to taste a new beer style in the tasting room: a Gratzer. The Gratzer is a Polish-style wheat beer that can best be described as a smokey flavored pilsner. This Washington beer was very well balanced and the smoke flavors did not overwhelm my palate. For someone, like me, who detests most Rauchen beers I found this to be surprisingly appealing. The Hopper Dropper was a delicious IPA, developed by one of the assistant brewers, that was another winner.

Scuttlebutt Growler

Scuttlebutt Growler

Scuttlebutt beers are available at the Scuttlebutt Restaurant on the Everett waterfront or at the Scuttlebutt Tasting room. The restaurant offers a fantastic view of the Puget Sound and a great selection of food. The tasting room is much more intimate and relaxing. Growlers are available and incredibly low priced. Scuttlebutt also has a frequent growler punch card. Scuttlebutt has extended their distribution to Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin, Arizona and with their collaboration with Total Wine to twelve other states. In addition, Scuttlebutt is available in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Canada, Scuttlebutt has extended their distribution to Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin, Arizona and with their collaboration with Total Wine to twelve other states. In addition, Scuttlebutt is available in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Canada, England and Russia.

Scuttlebutt Brewery Tasting Room

3310 Cedar Street, Everett, WA

Hours: Thursday and Friday from 2 pm until 9 pm; Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Children are allowed in the tasting room where they may drink excellent root beer. 

Scuttlebutt Restaurant

1205 Craftsman Way, Everett, WA

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11am-9pm Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm

For more information about Scuttlebutt; please contact Matt Stromberg, head brewer at or Doug Tiede, Sales Manager at