SBW Day 2: Sour and Stout

Everything can fade in comparison to the annual Back in Black Stout fest, but there were plenty of opportunities for the non-stout lover to get your fix of beer and fun on Friday in Seattle. Seattle Beer Week boasted 21 different events for Friday. Go ahead and call me a wuss because I only made it to two of them.

Peach Sour Ale

Peche Mode Peach Sour Ale

Noble Fir

Noble Fir

Noble Fir possessed two things that I really wanted on Friday: a ladies cut Seattle Beer Week t-shirt and the Double Mountain PÊCHE MODE Peach Sour Ale. Noble Fir was featuring two Hood River breweries on Friday: Double Mountain and Terminal Gravity. Noble Fir was packed; every seat was taken and all spare standing space was occupied by beer lovers. In spite of the crowd, the staff impressed with their eagle eye to serve customers in need of a beer and their acrobatic skill in navigating the crowd to serve those beers.  I will admit that I almost turned away when I saw the crowd but memories of the PÊCHE MODE Peach Sour Ale inspired me to dive in. This sour beer knows how to show restraint with the degree of sourness and the level of peach fruitiness. At 8% this beer should be sipped and savored but it won’t take over your palate in such a way that you can’t enjoy more than one. Only one peach beer for me that night as I had friends waiting for me at Back in Black Stout fest.

Back in Black Stout Fest

Back in Black Stout Fest

Deuschutes AbyssThe line to get into Back in Black snaked out the door and up the side walk. At 6:30, I was waiting a little over 30 minutes to get into Brouwer’s Cafe but the wait was worth it.  Inside it was a celebration of all things stout! Almost every tap in the place was boasting a stout beer from near and far. When I first bellied up to the bar, Jonathan and Ed were drinking a delicious stout from Denmark and someone other than me was getting the last drops of Silver City barrel aged stout. The bar tenders were tipping the firkin to get those precious last drops of Silver City beer. That firkin blew in about 20 minutes I was told. the atmosphere was festive and friendly as strangers met over snifters of stout. The best way to enjoy these beer fests is to sample and share with friends. Being the friendly sort, I sampled stouts as I wove my way through the crowd before I had to head back to help prepare for Sip and Slurp.

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