Our fourth stop on the WABL Southend  beer bus was the Salmon Creek Brew Pub, voted the best brew pub by Northwest Beer News for 2007 and 2008. This attractive brewpub in downtown Vancouver serves an assortment of beers from IPA to ESB to Stout to Barley wine.

  • Brother Larry’s Belgium
  • Sweet Stout
  • Lunker Tyee – Barley wine

Brother Larry’s Belgium is a midnight black Belgium ale. It was a rich ale with a flavor that smoothed out as the glass warmed in the hand.

The Sweet Stout was not going to tip any sweetness scales. It had a roasted malt flavor and a slightly acidic/sour taste on the finish. Later on the bus, tour participants discussed as this distinct taste as possibly part of  the “house” flavor.

The Lunker Tyee was the hands down favorite at our table. Totally different than the Powerhouse barley wine sampled earlier. This one had more hops and less sweetness. It was smooth and complex with that slightly sour finish that we experienced with the other  Salmon Creek brews. This characteristic finish may appeal to certain palates more than others.