Sipping some Wild Sleigher from Ram Brewery at the Brouwer’s Cafe. Ram’s Sleigher is one of my favorite holiday treats.

I especially love the aged Sleigher where it gains such smoothness and complexity. Seductively smooth, an aged Sleigher will slay  you down if you are not careful. You don’t session Sleigher unless you got a cab or a cot near by.

The Wild Sleigher here at the Brouwser’s Cafe is different. At first, it is all about the wood. Initially I taste more barrel than bourbon and I get a good shot of resiny hops to balance the malts.  Those resiny hops persist on the aromas but 25% in, I am getting a bit more of that bourbon coming through. This is still an edgy beer. I will try to get a Ram brewer to chime in and tell us more about this brew.

I am pairing it with the Steak Frites with Grand Cru sauce and it is rockin’  I am appreciating the juicy steak and fries to balance some of the high alcohol in this beer. This reddish amber beer is not for the weak of heart. But if you are brave and want a potent winter ale, held firmly in check with resiny hops, give this one a try.