Ram Brewery Winners and Losers

Last night, we enjoyed a happy hour at the Ram Restaurant and Brewery at Northgate. The winner of the day was the Ram’s version of Herbert’s Legendary Cask Ale, brewed for the Washington Cask Beer Festival last month. Dave, head brewmaster, says there only about 6-7 kegs of this beauty left so hurry in if you want to indulge.

The Herbert’s is a hoppy monster. But, it is so well balanced and smooth, that it is a well behaved monster. The bitterness of the hops are clean and crisp. It fills your mouth, but it doesn’t make you look like you were sucking on a lemon like some hoppy brews. The taste reminded me of the smell of a pine forest after a wind storm. It clocks in at over 8% alcohol, so you get to savor this ale in a smaller, thinner glass than the standard.

Ed also enjoyed another winner in their 71 Pale Ale. This is another hoppy brew but it is tempered with rye. We are really gaining an appreciation of the rye brews! The 71 Pale Ale is a a gorgeous coppery color and would look great in your glass while enjoying their outside patio on a sunny Seattle day. This brew won the bronze award at NABA for American Style Pale Ale last year.

Although there was none available last night, the Ram’s Groovy Toasted Coconut Porter won first place in the Washington Cask Beer Festival evening session and third place in the afternoon session. Congrats!

Now on to the losers. I tried their nitro stout and I couldn’t handle it. The coffee flavor was overpowering. It was like drinking a cold cup of coffee, ugh! To be fair, I never want my beer to taste like coffee. I don’t like coffee and never have. Ed adores coffee but doesn’t like it in his beer either. Ram Brewery actually has a good reputation for coffee porter/stout. If you want a more unbiased review on a coffee porter or stout, feel free to volunteer as a guest blogger here!

The second loser was the waitress who was slow and unconcerned about fixing those small snafus that will inevitably turn up in any food establishment. The manager and Dave, the brewmaster were on top of the situation as soon as we notified them. Take our advice and sit at the bar, where you can chat up the staff and other patrons while enjoying your beer.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I would agree about the coffee in beer. I do love coffee but the taste of beer seems to clash with coffee and so far no one as been able to blend the two without offending one or both aficionados of either beverage.

    I do like that brewers are trying to blend flavours as these can sometimes lead to some amazing gems. The Kastel Cherry beer comes to mind.

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