Pyramid Triangulate Pale Ale bottle

Pyramid Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Pyramid Brewery has released their new seasonal release: Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale.  It may still be winter but this bright citrusy beer brings all the promise of spring.

Dry hopped with the unique Lemondrop™ Hops,  a Super Cascadian hop created specifically for dry hopping, and made with lemon peel this Washington Pale Ale has a refreshing citrus nose but isn’t as hoppy as you might expect straight from the bottle.   Although it doesn’t meet the official definition of a session beer with an alcohol content of 5.5%, in many ways it drinks like a session beer. You can hang out, drink and enjoy this beer and not be too drunk.

Our Wine Beer Washington tasting team thought the Pyramid Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale was a very versatile food pairing beer. It was with food that we were able to appreciate the unique hop characteristics of this pale ale. It went well with almost everything we had on the table! This pale ale was tasty with the Chinese BBQ pork & spicy mustard, good with sharp cheddar but really great with jalapeño cheese.  Spicy food brought out the hops that we thought were hiding a bit and really made the beer shine. Citrus and hops both really came out in the beer after biting into a rosemary cracker.

George stated that the Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale 

makes me crave a really good cheeseburger.

Others agreed that the Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale would probably go with a variety of meats and might be a good BBQ beer. Ed thought that

“theoretically this is good beer to host a super bowl party with as it goes with many foods, especially spicy ones. Another benefit, is not having to be as concerned about your guests getting drunk …IF we had a team to cheer for”

Eileen had a different vision for the Pyramid Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale:

I’d think it would pairs well with some Slim Jims, spicy cheese, and a day hike in the late spring or early summer.

We all agreed that food brought out more flavors and intensity of flavor of the Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale and encourage you to experiment with your favorite food beer combinations.

Pyramid Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale is available on tap at Pyramid Brewery and local brewpubs.

You can also purchase the Triangulate Citrus Pale Ale by the 6 pack of 12oz bottles at your favorite grocer or bottle shop for approximately $7.49.

*We received this sample bottle for review from the brewery.