Pyramid Brewers' Reserve Railroad Avenue Porter bottle

Pyramid Brewers’ Reserve Railroad Avenue Porter

Pyramid Breweries has just released a new Brewers’s Reserve: Pyramid Imperial Porter Railroad Avenue. This deep, dark mahogany opaque brew will only be available in limited quantities now through April.

The aromatic nose on this Washington Imperial Porter is mostly toffee. The flavor is principally coffee with rich dark chocolate on the finish on the Pyramid Brewers’ Reserve Railroad Avenue Imperial Porter.

This why I like to drink porters, the coffee/chocolate ones. It is smooth, and as with many porters one might expect a strong rich meal in a glass. The Pyramid Railroad Avenue Imperial Porter is one to drink and enjoy without that heaviness of a meal. I’m enjoying the apparent lightness, before I look at the label. This beer will railroad you into inebriation if you aren’t aware of the 8% ABV hiding in the smoothness and balance of this delicious imperial porter. 

I really liked how the Pyramid Imperial Porter paired. It was delightful with creamy extra sharp white cheddar spread topping Raincoast fig and olive crackers. It really brought out the spices in the porter, especially the vanilla. I also really liked how well chocolate paired with the Pyramid Porter and it got me thinking that of Valentine’s Day. Pyramid Brewers’ Reserve Railroad Avenue Imperial Porter, will you be mine ?

Pyramid Porter

Would you be my Valentine

Creamy and dreamy

Its not often that a beer inspires me to write a haiku!

Pyramid Brewers’ Reserve Imperial Porter Railroad Avenue

Limited Availability Now through April

$4 for 22oz Bottles at the Brewery and Select Bottle Shops

*We received this sample bottle for review from the brewery.