Last week, on February 21, 2017, Pyramid Breweries partnered with Food Lifeline, to deliver food to more than 275 food banks, shelters and meal programs served by Food Lifeline in the Seattle area. Food Lifeline is a local nonprofit food distribution center that provides nutritious food to hungry, low-income people,

Pyramid Breweries Employees volunteering at Food Lifeline

50 Pyramid employees contributed 175 volunteer hours at Food Lifeline’s Hunger Solution Center in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood inspecting grocery items and parceling them for distribution, as well as repacking bulk donations into family size portions. The Food Lifeline volunteer project is part of Pyramid’s commitment to serve its local community.

“Volunteering is one of the key components of the work we do,” says Food Lifeline Volunteer Director Renee Derosier. “We rescue food in commercial volumes that can’t simply be delivered to our food bank clients. It requires the compassion and dedication of more than 10,000 volunteers every year.”

Pyramid Breweries employees packing up food at Food Lifeline

Pyramid Breweries employees packing up food at Food Lifeline

Pyramid Breweries prioritizes community and environmental stewardship as part of its overall approach to business. That is reflected in their volunteer time-off program, where employees are encouraged to volunteer one to two days a year.

“Working with Food Lifeline is one way that we reinvest in our Seattle community to improve our social footprint,” said Pyramid Breweries General Manager Robert Rentsch. “We proudly foster a culture where we try to reduce our social and environmental impacts while strategically investing our time and resources into meaningful projects that strengthen the city, improve our environment, and fit within Pyramid’s culture.”

One of the reasons that we are so proud of the Washington beverage industry is that so many Washington breweries and wineries have shown a strong and consistent commitment to fundraising and sustainability efforts. They produce and sell in Washington state and they support the people and the land of Washington State.