The Powerhouse Brewery was the second stop on the WABL South end Brewery. We really pulled out all stops into getting the tastes at this brewery because they were running a $1 special just for this WABL tour.

  • Brass Monk
  • Scottish Ale
  • 4 Alarm Stout
  • Roasted Porter
  • Dopplebock
  • Barley Wine

The beer menu calls the Brass Monkey a ‘monster of a Belgium’. Ed and I loved this Triple Belgium. It had a slight sweetness tempered with a crisp hop . Not too sweet, not too bitter, this very strong ale had a great balance. At 9% alcohol, it is a sipping beer, but what a treat.

The three of us weren’t overly impressed with the Scottish ale at first. It had much more bitterness than what we expected from a Scottish ale. It started to win over Ed after he took a gulp. We were all amazed how different this ale tasted when we had a big mouth of it. For some reason, it really opened up the malt , especially in the finish. The beer really showed a lot more complexity with a gulp that we totally missed with the sip.

The 4 alarm Stout reminded Jonathan of Guiness. This oatmeal stout is big and black brew.

Our least favorite of the tastes was the Roasted Porter. That was no surprise to Ed and I because we are not fond of when the roasted becomes toasted in flavor. (We really do need to find a guest reviewer who can really appreciate this type of brew.)

The Dopplebock was my favorite. The menu called it a ‘malty Giant’ and they were right. But the malt was not over sweet. It has a great complex maltiness that I really enjoyed. It was well balanced and super smooth.  it had enough hops to give it a nice composition. This not a wimpy beer in terms of flavor or alcohol, clocking in at 8%.

The smile says it all

The smile says it all

On our way out, the brewmaster gave us a sample of an amazing barley wine. This was much sweeter than I am used to in a barley wine. Ed identified it a butterscotch flavor, which when you are reading it, sounds awful, but it was so great. It was sweet, but it was so smooth and well balanced. You could tell who had snagged a sample of  the barley wine by the huge smile on their face. The barley wine was aged in toasted oak barrels.

  • Gambrianeau  malts C-40
  • Simcoe Hops
  • CA Ale Yeast @ 60 F

I don’t care where you are in the state, if you are a fan of barley wine, it is worth the drive to taste this beauty!

Note for the physically challenged. There are steps to enter this establishment. There is a lift for the disabled  but you will need someone in your party to enter and request that the lift be activated. There is table seating on the main level and a second level of balcony seating that is not accessible.