Perfect pairing: Black Raven and Naked City Tap House

It was one of THOSE days. You know the ones I mean, where everything goes wrong and your last nerve is so frayed a breath could snap it? I often say that I want a drink but it is days like today that make me say that I need a drink. Thank goodness we were mere blocks away from Naked City Brewery and TapHouse.

I ordered the Black Raven La Petit Mort, while Ed ordered a Naked City Dubbel. The La Petit Mort, a strong abbey brown ale was a treat. It was a lovely reddish brown color, that was gorgeous with the sunlight slanted through it. It was the clove, nutmeg and complex layered flavors of this beer that won me over. It was lip smacking good! It transcended to a higher level when I ordered the White Truffle Paté. The earthy and savory pate was a great pairing for the spicy La Petit Mort. It was spicy, not like a salsa, but spicy like Market Spice Tea. As I sipped and savored, I felt my frustration and irritability fade away.

A big shout out thank you to Naked City Tap House and Black Raven Brewery for making my day.

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