My introduction to hefeweizen happened many years ago on a trip to Germany, an adventure eight months in the making. It meant working two jobs to save up for a summer in Europe with a boyfriend who, it turns out, was not the man of my dreams. Nevertheless, I have him to thank for that first encounter with the beer that is one of my favorites to this day. I don’t suppose it was the beer alone that captivated me. The experience of going to an authentic beer garden and drinking out of a beer stein bigger than my head was pretty thrilling back then, too!

The beverage itself exhibits a cloudy, golden color with a fruity flavor resembling bananas, and a touch of sweetness. Interestingly, it’s very much like drinking Chardonnay before the wine has finished fermenting. So, if you’re a Chardonnay drinker and want to stick your toe in the beer pond, give hefeweizen a try.

The Food Pairing

Truffle Parmesan RAM Chips

Some people go to The Ram Restaurant and Brewery to watch a game. Some people go for a break while shopping. I go to meet a friend over a nice cold, beer. Finding some delectable food options on the menu is just gravy. Case in point, the Truffle Parmesan RAM Chips. The crispy conveyors of garlic sour cream satisfied my crunchy/salty cravings and paired terrifically with the Big Horn Hefeweizen. Note that while RAM Chips are still available in Seattle, the truffled variety seem to have gone bye-bye. It’s a sad day, and apparently time to consider other food pairings for hefeweizen.

With the beer’s flavor profile being similar to unoaked fruity Chardonnay, let’s pull some moves out of the playbook for wine and food pairing.

Hefeweizen has that fruity sweetness, so think about pairing similar flavors like tropical fruit salsa. Throw some on a quesadilla and you’ve got yourself a full on fiesta on a plate.

Sure, I know lots of people think pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, but in this case bring it on and order the Hawaiian.

During these hot summer days, I wouldn’t say no to a chicken sesame salad with my hefeweizen.

There is the carbonation factor inherent in beer, so that sets it up to play well with fried foods, acting as a palate cleanser against the *gasp* fattiness of fried foods. After all, don’t we love beer because it’s refreshing? Bring me your beer battered fried fish, tater tots, and potato chips. Better yet, let’s bring back those truffle chips!

Are you a hefeweizen fan? Let us know what your favorite pairing is.