Over the Mountain We Go with Naked City

During Seattle Beer Week, Naked City Brewery and Tap House made a special effort to make sure that our brewers on the other side of the mountains were not forgotten. All day long on May 15, Eastern Washington brewers were featured on tap as well as Washington brewers from outside Seattle and some Naked City brews.  We got there a little late in the day but there were still some Eastern Washington brews on tap when we arrived to a packed Naked City. We arrived there and luckily grabbed a seat just as the Hop On Bus Tour pulled up!

Ed Hops

Ed enjoying pickled hop shoots

As always, we came for the beer and the food at Naked City. Although the menu was limited for the first weekend of Seattle Beer Week, we found plenty to satisfy. I started off with the Golden Hills Brewery Ben’s Brown and some pickled hop shoots.  We were really excited to at long last have the opportunity to sample the the pickled hop shoots. They were worthy of all of the rave reviews that they have received in the past! The slightly prickly shoots took a minute to get used to the mouth sensation but the delicate pickles with a tasty hop bite kept us going back for more. They were a especially tasty contrast with the beers we had with  a hint of sweet.  The Ben’s Brown was big for a brown ale with lots of toasted malt characteristics.  Golden Hills Brewery is known for its mellow drinking lagers and the harshness in the flavors of this brown surprised me. I am curious to try their lighter lagers.

naked city

Ed can't keep his hands off Naked City SBW treats

Beer goes so great with food that we didn’t stop at just ordering the pickled hop shoots. We ordered a pretzel with cheese sauce, two plates of Landjäger dried sausage and a peanut butter chocolate tart. The Bob’s Brown paired better with the Landjäger and the pretzel than the hop shoots.

The best draft beer we sampled came from Naked City. Their saison, Naked City Fleur de Elise was a great session beer that paired well with all of the food. It is rare for Ed, Jonathan and I to agree on a beer but we all really liked the saison.

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